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Old days couple of years ago these machines were connected video wise directly into the box via an sti clinic and then now because skype supports N. D. I basically basically the signal coming from these two computers back there. He's too Mac mini speed an NDA channel on the on the on the On the on the track right Gasser signed on just a land cables. All I need and I know we were talking before we started. The show that you know Indiana's making advancements and maybe at some point it'd be something you can do in the browser is that would be eh wire cast integrated within the eye and all you know Over yes I think that's a call via over here. We asked has it so so it just makes sense that things would move to the browser or something. Yeah I tell people to you look at these browser base audio reporters are out. They're the same qualities according to WBZ's daffy there's no difference in the capture qualities just edit process where you're may be limited on a browser based product that's changing browser becoming super super powerful for anyone that's familiar with the changes being made their particularly like with web assembly and and things like that it's becoming where it's not so different you can the the limitation used to be that you can only really run like Java script than html in the browser but that's changing. It's a few years you'll be able to essentially run any any any language you want and be able to do pretty powerful things which is especially with machine learning stuff like now. It's it's actually. It's getting close to the point where you could actually deploy like a A small machine learning model to someone in the browser which is like. There's all kinds of crazy stuff you could do without like Instead of having actual green screen you could you could use to earn machine learning to To do it without the green screen or some of the augmented reality stuff right in the browser without downloading anything which is pretty cool but that.

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