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Color that correspond to pulse all one hundred twenty eight. Archers were asked for permission to display their heart rate on the official olympics video feed all but six of them agreed so there will be some where you won't see it if they didn't agree but the rest were like. Yeah i'm curious. I wanna see everybody else's too so sure show mine while research hasn't found a connection between a lower heart rate and better aim. The number definitely conveys the level of stress. Each competitor is feeling and you can see when somebody shoots ten. A lot of times they're heart rate is lower than it was when they shot. An eight panasonic is not the only one developing this kind of technology microsoft and alphabet also have projects underway and all of them are aiming toward medical settings not specifically archery. Doctors could use them with patient permission to help spot problems with the patients. Conditions by having a complete accurate record may be catching some spikes in the heart rate Sports are also interested though. Archers have pursued accurate measurements in the past they previously were some watches that weren't really accurate or consistent. Panasonic says it's system is better because it works on all skin tones and even biathlon is considering using it in its sport. That's the one where you run and shoot combined so heart rate make their you ski and then you stop for like thirty. So you're right you're skiing thank you. I didn't Sorry by athletes Of course alongside the legitimate uses are concerned that contact with medical measurements could be used without people's permission or even awareness. If the wrong person is using this technology you know i was. I was shocked to realize that biathletes. Apparently you know there are like ninety percent of their of their The maximum heart rate when they're doing cross country skiing part but they only drop fifteen or twenty percent. Max when they start shooting so they actually sort of shoot between the heartbeats to have that that super into holding just. I couldn't believe i can hold. They could shoot that well with their their hearts going that fast. But it's fascinating interesting stuff and i was. I was like that can't be accurate. That guy can't be standing there with one hundred forty three beats per minute but it currently early true head's going to explode. It's a classic case of everyone else's job looks easier when you're not doing it where they're standing there gonna shoot an arrow and it's like no that's a lot of attention and that's a lot of stress it's a it's a sport for real all right. Let's check out the mailbag our story on the intel duck yesterday and it's modular. Cpu cards reminded jerome that back in the early nineteen nineties wells american developed a plugin computer. Where the cpu is on replaceable card. Drome says the more things change the more they stay the same. Naturally there are no new ideas under the sun pace tickly But that a good that was good blast from the past. Thank you jerome for. I reminded us of wells. American get does emails coming We've gotten a lot. We read every one of them But send it to us feedback. A- daily tech news show dot com. Shout out to the folks who support us. At the top levels master and grandmaster john atwood pat sheer into gracia. Daniels are just three of them. Thank you all and thanks to our brand new buses. Were still a couple. People are still three people shy of having more patrons this month than last month but thank you to matthew stein. Alice victoria nichols michael. Babcock and dan odenthal all started backing us on patriots so you got us closer to meeting that goal. Thanks matthew alice. Michael.

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