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I guess what i'm asking viewers that microsoft to continue to do the benchmark of the code is often joe chart overtime is a means of transparency and to push for performance tech empowers a great first step at is needed but to have something it bill type such as n bench or maybe a monthly quarterly postup performance of reuben on a perk upon a basis would be huge milestone acted dot net does something like this to ensure any updates the code don't take a step back and overall performance all right it's an interesting thought because you too we talked to scott hunter about this time that was in the very early days of dot net cord so obviously they were doing it a performance tuning in that's why you saw so much cadence on new numbers university numbers all the time and my initial reaction i've its call it was well once they got over that initial home there's just as much demand for constant performance tuning right but his last point about using stuff again benches like you're right this should simply be part of the build process right that every time there checking in updates to core you're getting a new rendered set of stats i just don't think it's as simple as that and it's if you see where the priorities are to rely on those things is i think everybody's been head down getting core to out the door so hopefully they'll be a revitalization now in that performance work that the they used to be doing during the core one time for him yet i agree and i would thank you so much for your comment about iraq's lungs on his with you if you like about iraq's mcgrath a column of the website at dawn at rocks dot com or via any of our social media example which every showed google blessed facebook and they become it there were really on the show we'll such among and follow us on twitter i'm at carl franklin he's at rich campbell sentenced a tweet they make our highperforming stuffed elephants very happy very abby very happy okay let's welcome back to the show jeremy licnen says he is a cloud developer advocate for azure at microsoft germany's been coating since he was seven.

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