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And we're back dot iraq's i'm richard cable. That's carl franklin. Heo and hilton. Giesen know who's Talking little bit about what we can do in for extensions and i mean we could spend a do a whole show on box but there's other things too right. Yeah absolutely amsoil. Well yes and okay so let me sort of run you through the different types of the main extensively points. I guess that the inching spoken about tabs and butts already but few others that are that are quite useful to understand. There's a concept of of where books teams as well both incoming and outgoing so in a particular channel. I can configure whip and incoming way book. The basically. Just unique url. And then. i can send a message to that to that channel from anything anything that can make a simple whip a post so that becomes an extensive ability point. There's also include connectors which kind of takes similar route to that route route depending on how you say but there's also something missy extension for example so these are things that are pretty well known in the demos where it can be topping a message to somebody and and instead of just giving them a link to the page and wikipedia i can. I can insert a little snippet from wikipedia into the message. all the financial shia codes. And all of those demos shoot. Many people have seen those a capabilities of inserting a richer version of the message. For example is something called a A message extension and they're actually three tops those there's the command bar in the top teams where we can put commands in so we can based invoke commands team's wide using that and then we can insert actions into the actual individual messages. So that's another form of extensive ability all three of those full full for whatever reason role cool message extension on it in fact to make it even worse the ones in the bottom whereas talking with the wiki pedia. The actual texting input box. Because that's where you compose the message. Mrs extensions used to be cool to compose. i think it was composed extensions in the in the manifest files and so when they still even though you building a message extension for some reason to put it in the sinkhole the composed extension of gets a little confusing. But it's not too bad but it but it can be confusing. now interesting enough. Those composed extensions message extensions and the outgoing books actually all pretty much at slightly differently but pretty much all of those actually take before butts behind the seat so butts of for more relevant than they have seen it fails. Yeah absolutely. So you serve your. Let's say bullying a compose extension for example it will. It will live inside of your but in point alright. So there's always there whether using the natural language interface pieces or not this is that's exactly is really a template are their templates north winds for teams. That's a great question. I hadn't thought about in that way. That takes me back like a real history. Show engineers g of microsoft. Yes i mean. That's that's obviously a great a great question and there are tremendous starting points. It's it's certainly with calling out some of those. I mean we're talking about but framework freeze only if you had to give up rock framework communist. That's microsoft starting point. The only confusing thing in the team space. I think in terms of understanding the framework is that this is the generic but framework. That will the general framework from microsoft. So this is the same tool that Abusing to bolus lacked for example which is great on the end. But if all you're building is something for teams in a can be a little confusing some of the samples necessarily relevant to what you're but certainly in terms of getting getting some understanding on. That's a that's a great place to start The teams if you focusing on teams. I'll give you a link to the long to read out with his a great place to To start in terms of general teams development the maximum dog so often testing can give a great story of the kind of capabilities that have spoken and obviously a whole bunch of other important but some pieces will and then just shooting in in the team space. There's a there's a tremendous pens and practices library. That's bullying up of of team specific samples the but framework team themselves have a huge sample library. What the cool about oldest samples all of those by the way or will pretty much older. Those are in Multiple languages so anything in the but framework you'd be finding in a dot net node python and java. One of those is your language of choice. Also that's a great place to get stone. Speaks to kind of lying language agnostic. You can you can do it the way you wanna do it absolutely absolutely getting back to the ship. On days of you know you'd have to deploy this thing on the silver has to be And by the way every time you deploy up to app you need to do. A full is recent of the entire foam. So yes no. We've we've come a long way and this might be out of left field but is there anything in teams that allows you to do the kind of Composite video stuff like if you want to share your screen but you have a webcam right and you wanna put your webcam in the corner of your screen while you're sharing it. Does it have any of those kind of cool features so there are some cool things. One of the one of the very interesting capabilities just released was the ability to control the presenter mode. If you're presenting powerpoint directly through teams so you can you can basically have a presenter mode which would have had with. The native capability could always just shave screening and control that yourself to monitors and whatnot so the is some capability. But it's nowhere near what you'd get with a lack of an obvious but bear in mind teams simply services. Whatever you tell it so if you if you really want that kind of control you can simply create an obvious mitchell camel in that way. I'm not super familiar with with that stack but the understanding is you. Could you could basically do that in something. Like the obvious studio teams. Share that as as you'll content. Yeah i figured that's what it was. I'm looking through the eat. We've really been talking on the bought side of development this also the whole office side of development for microsoft teams like these a ton of bought samples. But there's also like messaging extensions in different web hooks..

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