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Lead him to open his own gym over ten years ago as a longtime Kito coach. Excuse me he encourages clients to understand not only the importance of diet but also the science behind weight management cody. Also recently rooted the National Athletic Kito Association the AKA the first ever fitness. This competition focused on Kito right. Wow will your super fit so it must be working right here. So you're very good. Friends with Sean Wilson. Also a super fit as well and so you. Your website is fit Kito Cowboy dot com. That's fit Kato Cowboy DOT COM or on instagram at fit Kito Cowboy. So how did you first become familiar with Keith. Genyk Diet and why did you decide to adopt it. Well just like you said earlier in the show you have friend that was doing doing in just eating keys and banking all the time and stuff and so that was the atmosphere that I saw on Kito and I you know I hear about it so oh it came from my mother-in-law and father-in-law and they're the ones I I would watch them. And and my father in law he was always like oh I'm in Tulsa. I'm in Ketosis toasts and I'm just like I'm watching them. Eat all the time and and it does the same thing of bacon eggs cheese all almost every meal and coming from from the fitness side of it in doing other people's Mac rose and competing for for shows. And all. That's just I just. It didn't compute and so it wasn't until Lebron James's trainer when Lebron left Miami to go back to Cleveland It was an old basketball coach college basketball coach three years so I had access access to some of these forms that allow people have and so I got to see what Michael did four Lebron and during that Summer Lebron said I wanted to lean out but not lose any muscle mass. So they put them on Kito Paleo meal plan and so member that it may actually talking about that on the air once you're probably and so in in He also put Carmelo so both both Lebron mellow that summer did it. And and what. I saw the foods that was going on on that meal plan versus what I have seen person. I was like okay. I can get on board with that. Now that's something I understand in. That's when I started diving more into the science of it all and I really took about two years to just before I started telling other people about it and started Teaching you'll even my clients about it. I really I went in Dallas and I spoke to different doctors. Talk to different trainers. They just say you know. It was definitely a mixed review even my even my brother-in-law he's a doctor and he although I will say in the last year or so. He's changing his mind. A little bit. But a specially his wife wife. She's a nurse and she's one hundred percent against it but again I think she's kind of you know changing little but back then. So that was what two thousand fourteen and at that point. It definitely wasn't very accepting. Yeah well people are Kinda struggling with that now. Veganism I mean and I think it's important for everyone out there to just keep an open mind. Science changes things change. The Earth is changing right. Now we all need to be adaptable to open our minds to science with and just reasoning. Yeah absolutely there's no doubt about. I mean even than last six years like let's talk about Gluconeogenesis. You know when people were just like. Oh you can't eat too much protein or or anything like that on on Kito because then you'll get kicked out toasts. Well now in the last three or four years is a lot more research showing that that doesn't really. Don't you call Gluconeogenesis. Gotcha okay what did you find to be the toughest part of getting your body into Ketosis for myself. It was probably just trying. I'm six six. I was going to send you know. He's Super Tall Guy. So and that makes sense that you were basketball coach and so The the requirements for my food and take us a little bit higher than normal so really trying to see that threshold of how how much fat really will get me into Ketosis So that was part of my shug will really is just. How much is is the right amount without going too far because there still is the whole calories inverse calories out you still have to Kinda worry about that too degree and so for myself that was the hardest part Just trying to figure okay. What's what's that happy medium where I'm getting good results but I'm not you know gaining weight or just maintain the same time I think it's good to To exercise discipline the plan from time to time. Even if it's not you know with any type of Diet Even if you don't stay on it forever be stay on it for six months a year. Whatever it may be But I think it's good for for you to do that. And keep your health and check if you will. If if for the for the the the What do I want to say just for the mental discipline A uh-huh because I think that helps you with other areas of your life as well absolutely absolutely. I think that's one thing that I have over the years more respect for bodybuilders elders. You know 'cause I've always play basketball my whole life and then once I started training I started getting people Wanna compete and shows and when when you start going into okay. Let's separate the physical aspect with the mental part of just the eating. While that's a whole nother ballgame and I tell everybody that comes to me that wants to compete. I tell them the hardest part about this is the mental part of the food and even the social part is sometimes. You can't go out with your friends because you can't eat. Those Foods Takeoka Hall. You can't drink alcohol. I could never be. I'm now like I had. I had pizza the other night. We all did we. We have Salad Alad with that but we had a time. I have pizza once a week and but I you know what's funny is so You know Dr Colonic was talking about She she was talking about. Your body does adapt so I eat a lot of carbohydrates I do because I don't really And if I do eat fat is typically Like a pasture raised egg the yolk ah or avocado and so but I do pretty well and I think a lot of it is just you know being just a little bit disciplined getting some exercise in all these things making making be taking baby steps to fitness. If you're out there and you're and you're not you know you're not really fit right now. It doesn't or if you've been fit before your body has a great great memory and you can spring back fast or can't you. Yeah so where did you get the name. Kito Cowboy cowboys so my whole family I grew up on her eighty acres. Back home in For the Missouri. And so my dad is actually the maker of Meyler. Bits number one horse bit in the world. And so yeah and so I. I've Kinda got a you know a country side of me. I've got the ball or basketball personality of me. And so that's kind of like the next fitness this and the miler flex side that I own but then also when when I said okay I really want to start getting this Kito lifestyle out there a lot more and You know again. There's people that don't don't agree with it so that was kinda hurting my other brands. So I said okay. I'm what branch out and I want to kind of tap into my other other personality. My other side mother life. which is you know convict? Countryside have so Plus I also love the Rock and his logo is is a bull and so that's what my logo is and we actually took my logo from necks wrap. It looks like a Batman the M we flip that upside down and that's what the horns are. It's a great logo. It really is a great logo It's silver on a black shirt right now. It looks really good. Well you know what we're going to break when we come back. I want to know all about the National Athletic Athletic Kito Association. And I've got a few other questions for you. Everyone stay tuned. More.

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