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So there's a show called Steven Universe it's on cartoon network might have heard of it. It's a very special show. It's about a boy named Steven. He's about eleven years old on show starts. He lives in a seaside town with his dad. Pretty early on Stephen realizes that there's something about him that special. He's half human half jam gems in the world of Steven. Universe are these beings from another planet that have superpowers and most of them want to destroy destroy earth but three of them want to save it so together. Stephen and the three gems fight too well to save the world but the show is about more than fight for earth's future. It's about more than just Stephen to it explores the town. He's growing up in it. Profiles profiles of the Guy who makes pizza. It follows a child who is an onion very special show. The whole thing is created by Rebecca Sugar. Rebecca doc is a veteran animator who also worked on the acclaimed cartoon network show adventure time. Her work on both shows have earned her six emmy awards anyway. Anyway there has been a lot happening in Steven Universe world. This past September saw the release of the Steven Universe movie and an accompanying soundtrack. Many of the songs things were written and composed by Rebecca Cartoon Network also just kicked off a special epilogue series for the show. It's called Steven Universe Future. It's airing now now. And by the way. One Note Rebecca identifies as a non binary woman and she uses both she her and they them pronouns. She's very chill about it. What whatever you prefer anyway? Let's take a listen to a little bit from Steven Universe. The movie in IT Stephen has decided to follow a new gemstone friend named to spin onto a far off planet. His late mother pink diamond enjoyed visiting spinal. Used to be pink diamonds playmate in this clip. Tell Stephen an important part heart of pinks backstory. This was our garden. A special world built just for pink and I pink with Saloon. Lean sad but not here he we would play for hours.

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