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The threes. All right, I thought I saw some brightening in the skies. I guess not quite there yet to the sunny portion of our weather. Let's find out what's next. In terms of snow and rain and slush and freezing joining us this morning. A very busy dean DeVore. Good morning. I think what you're seeing is the clouds aren't is thick for the city and coastal areas. Now, this has been a very amazing storm to watch because it had the characteristics of a coastal storm, but it actually formed to low pressures. And the one that was closest to us here in Boston actually pushed that rain snow line a bit farther inland. Then we were counting on. But then Laurie, it didn't once it's stuck. It's stuck. So it was like you either got nothing, and then you ramped up quickly, almost a foot And there's a definite line from like the 1 28 suburbs all the way down to Providence. Where one side of that the northwestern side, they have it. And it's still snowing, and it's still slippery. Farther South and East. It's kind of dreary and more mixed Temperatures. Air dropped around 32 in Boston. I think they hold their temperatures can ration now it's down to 31 so again. We're getting colder closer to the city. So watch for these things to get a little slippery, especially things that are shoveled and plowed, but maybe not treated as well as they should be. Will wrap around some snow showers into this evening. The areas that were kind of slushy that the Cape will get a little icy tonight and then South Coast to We've got a couple of more winter things to keep in our horizon here after maybe, um, wintry mix more rain situation Friday could be a more potent snowstorm Sunday into Monday and then the cold air that we had last week that bitter blast it's equaled and surpassed colder air. Even In the heart of next week. I thank you with meteorologist in DeVore WBZ Boston's news radio a little reminiscent ng of 2015. We'll see how February goes and, of course, punks to tawny Phil. Saw his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter. If you believe a ground Hawk we've got New England business news this morning, Here's Jeff Bellenger over a Bloomberg drizzly is changing hands. The Boston based on buying alcohol marketplace is being bought by uber. It will be a cash and stock transaction worth about $1.1 billion, Uber says drizzly will become a wholly owned subsidiary. States Covert 19 vaccine.

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