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Respond not so much to prove something to the red sox but to prove something to themselves that they they are capable of beating a quality baseball team early in the season a team that's in your division a team that you said that you were chasing these are the games that you have to get up for you tell me all you want about tipping pitches ca tell me all you want about the weather as bart pointed to you you can point to any excuse that you want to there is no excuse and yes it happens from time to time that you just get your ass kicked and that's what happened last night it's an illtimed ass listen it's april i understand all that i'm sure we're gonna have a ton of those calls today and frankly i don't blame you and i'm not telling you to panic but we talked about this yesterday you go into fenway park and you get swept and you are seven games out two and a half weeks into the season that is setting a bad bad tone for your team and and you're digging out of that for a while it could be one of the you know the red sox are going to have their struggles you know the yankees are going to have their hot streaks you know that stanton's gonna hit because the history is there i'm not getting too worked up by that i would like to see wouldn't kill me to see gary sanchez hit the ball that would be nice that it better be tonight because he owns david price he he's got be catching claims against david brian he'll be catching right maybe that's what he needs know the calf has been an issue but maybe he just needs to be in the rhythm of these games like getting a little bit more you know be a part of the game a little bit more behind the plate as opposed to just because you know it hasn't been good and i just like i understand that it is april at but how is this team going to respond i mean we don't know about what this team the character the makeup how they're going to be when i hate to say even if it is april their backs are against the wall they are that's not that's not an overreaction right now they're racks are against the.

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