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No, just don't to be is run by by a publicly traded company, invents just resigns and gets paid a billion dollars to just be on AWS. That'd be more shocking than change going up on nitro. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I think the best you could hope for the Bray Wyatt puppet shows up not about. So anyway, more seriously. Just broadly, speaking, he asked, you know what will the P and, and how will it end? Tell us there's been a lot of talk that, well about the sales stuff when it comes to impact there's been talk that they made themselves vailable Awa Awa past. Yeah, I'm wearing a von or you know you don't know one of the numbers, I've heard floating around is like if they were offered fifty million it'd be awfully offers clear broadcast group to turn that down. I don't know that they're worth it. What are you buying? What are your, your buying ring aprons, and a ring of honor trademark? And so, the valley in the value is in, in the, the, the name of the pay per view. If you think they have equity, which they don't think the library, then that's one of yielding to that. So you're getting some contracts that some wrestlers who maybe you can get any way over the course of a few years when they're deals, right out the real and the unless you value, the Saint Clair network and is like, hey, we got to be syndicated. Rich people, the real, the real value would be the library. So then you do the math and you go if they wanted to start their own network. They would want some comp they would want some catalog content. And maybe you could do an invasion type thing you don't brand versus brand once eight you've got established. So maybe there's some storyline equity in it. So as I asked the question is sort of answer it, I would say tape library, the equity of some sort of brand versus brand angle. If they felt that would work in not having to deal with the logistics legally of signing some of the talent, you just get them. Yeah. That's not worth fifty million. No. I just, I don't see it that way. Now, WWE may look at the libraries, being valuable a lot of that hasn't been converted yet either. That's another expense that you take on. If you're WWE is trying to convert that to digital. So I mean, I, I think whatever it like could I see Saint Clair going? All right. Enough of this. You know, they put in Elliott's twelve million dollars is the annual budget for ring of honor. Let's say they come in grossly under that one year. Good in clear, go get out of this business or we're going to sell it at rock bottom rate to AWS or WWE shore impact, I think there's rumblings of them having a new television partner in the works..

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