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On spotify you listen to all your favorite shows you can discover new ones whatever you want subscribe to our show just search for the show id ten t tap follow and get every new episode delivered to you just like it was a music thing podcast on spotify streaming right now now and now and also now but go do it after you listen to this episode of the podcast which is number nine sixty two with the fantastic gillian jacobs katie role the thing i wrote a call i bought a place in eagle rock to work out of and and there was a a really cool old spanish house in beverly hills that i stabbed some stuff from someone's just gonna fuck and rip it down and it was this charming yeah but you know these people come in and they they take up every fucking square inch of the latte side they're stupid piece of shit house that's gonna look dumb in five years i mean looks dumb now five yeah i know and then it's like and then also they're building those mcmansions next to bungalows so for the people in the bungalow it's just like people staring down at them like you have no no backyard yeah really awful maybe a few years no product ten years ago lydia i came to la she looked at a house and i don't might have been like a ginger i don't know if it was like a ginger rogers house when someone like that and she loved it it was like i'm just not ready to buy a house yeah and then a few years later she kind of thought she was so that she saw pictures of that house was on the market again.

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