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Did beginning about two thousand was with drugs like interferon so there's this interferon alpha which was used somewhat in cancer but a great deal for many years to treat hepatitis c and it it's it's a chemical your body makes that basically turned on inflammation again if i were to take you in inject a bunch of interfere alpha into your arm within an hour you'd be feeling sick he'd have a fever you'd fill you know crappy and you'd want to lay down and it activates all these inflammatory chemicals in your body turns out that if people do that to themselves on a repeated basis for something like curing hepatitis c very significant proportion them become depressed many become like really clinically depressed suicidal hopeless helpless oh well longterm while you're getting the treatment the interesting thing is that the vast bulk of people recover pretty much completely within a couple of weeks stopping it so it really is sort of dragging if you're constantly exposed to inflammatory stimuli at a high level you know people get exhausted depressed or sleep gets messed up yeah unfortunately there there are actually a number of data points suggesting that some people do have long term you know sort of mood disturbances after a chronic bout of inflammation from interferon we know from other studies sort of population studies that that if you have episodes of inflammation earlier in life so for instance if you have an auto immune condition or if you have bad infections of the kind of infections atlantic hospital you're significantly more likely to subsequently develop significant major depression but significant schizophrenia and other disorders to right so it looks like there's something about chronic inflammatory activation that induces changes in the brain and body the t for depression in fact we can talk by this we know a lot about what those changes are so there was this convergence of data suggesting that that yeah that inflammation the sorts of of.

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