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It was already alright. Peter, Get your kit off Friends. Get me there. Here's your favorite friend. Skies on same attitude and Sarah and now No. Peter You got in your man. Hey, Pete. You got your man? I'm going. Dude, can you make a sandwich for bringing a man Peter What? How is falling asleep? Either while I was following a sleep After the round lobbying. Got no company. All right now, just sit down for a while I rip around. Mm hmm. Great favor instead. I like that. Everything exactly See this day. Story. Let's er You let me stay like they were before. Fanatic desire. Henry Rollins was the choice. My brother's son of jihad, engineer X and engineer emerald we the body three thieves, superstars of NPR. The Saturday Night Titans here with you from 10 to midnight, The necktie was Jor Division from the compilation album still attract all the only mistake before George Division was the students, obviously not a track on the raw power album, but an outtake featured on the deluxe edition of raw Power and now Oh, Kcrw's good food email newsletter has all the news and food from national food policy to local take out tips and up to the minute guidelines that affect eaters like you. Kcrw dot com slash newsletters, the latest season of KCRW's music doctor Serious lost notes. 1980 was named one of the best podcast of the year by Vulture magazine and by The New York Times, Indiewire and more..

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