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His fellow officers in the form of trauma, First aid and tourniquets, which make it dramatic difference with that type of injury. The Braintree police chief says Officer Cushing is in good spirits, but he does have a long road to recovery Officer Cushing again escorted home by police and members of the community during that procession earlier today. The 303 in this time for traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We are in it, Mike. Yeah, we certainly are. Nicole. This is certainly a busy afternoon on the highways here. Let's not with the Downtown, the South Bong O'Neill tunnel hardly moving just completely jammed all the way through a big crash. Just outside of the tunnel just cleared away my minute ago. So, uh, yeah. Beyond that breaks wide open your back in it from basically the gas tank all the way to route 37. It's just bad northbound delays. Basically, Braintree, a passing the parts of the deposit circle, then coming up towards the tunnel to That's it. Route three South delays Brain treated Derby Street for a while down from Kingston and Plymouth Mile for the Sagamore Bridge, two miles at the Born bridge, Route three North champ Union Street up to the split 24 95 South, jammed over a mile getting by route. 24 1 28 North, locked up Route nine and Wellesley up through Lexington Wind Street. All the way up in the Linfield from an earlier crash at Walnut Street. Southbound lays route 62 down past route 1 14 Route three rebounds backed up shortly after 1 28 all the way up through Bill Rika 4 95 South Chan with the left lane crashed by route 1 10 in Chelmsford. Mhm delays from that point all the way up into Lowell. What did I forget? 93 North, crawling right out of the O Neill tunnel up through Medford on again. Off again. Delays, Commerce Way all the way up through Wilmington. Now downtown, The Ted Williams Tunnel West found completely jammed all the way through into that connector tunnel. Sterile drives back to mess up the Tobin inbounds chamber basically all the way up and over the lower deck that's back before assembly Square. My king WBC's traffic on the threes. All right, we have some showers out there north of Boston right now, If you're in Essex County, getting over toward the Gloucester stretch up towards new report and the Sea coast of New Hampshire, you've been stuck in the rain here.

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