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Amina gessel and also as well it's not it's interesting usually when rail madrid might bring an 18yearold to the club there might be like a you might put him on loan or you might do something like dot or he might be a relative unknown coming from wherever brazile i'm just taken an an example this in the case with this guy because he showcase this talence last season joost so we know exactly what he is as a player saw the pressure to start him would be huge an an to be honest which up at holdings dan would struggle with that decision very much his his ability to sideline egos as we saw with hamas and play the players he wants in the players he believe believes will deliver is them is absolute unsold draw i don't think he would it would cause him any great suffering to sideline bail and play an imbaba it is interesting to me to see the way that monaco has just gotten ravaged yeah i mean they have the right now they're europe's southampton is how i'm kind of viewing under dislike but the farm system for all these clubs right now they're diak there did that ix 95 team was ravaged in similar fashion that's what reminds me of and i just wonder where they where they draw the line like what are they right now they've lost bernardo silva they've lost bucket yoko um mandy loss mendy now to manchester city so the key guys i guess that they still half would be for the moment in bob a um for being beano and who's got thomas thomas lamar who's been the subject of many transfer rumors himself are they still great like a as long as embodied as their do you view them as a team that can win league again next season and content for a champions league look what they did i don't think they can mirth impossible question to answer will yet but by imagine right no no i don't i don't think so either so.

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