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Card to circle k and let's see. Caller fifteen is Joe predicting Katie is gonna win. If that happens if that happens, then he'll get the twenty five dollar gift card to circle k. All right. Katie is the reigning champion when it comes to quick draw she took out Jason Jason was up three to nothing up three to nothing and the next four. Right and beat them. And now hugs, usual, whatever his own. I don't know what to say. Check one. Hello, hugs. His work sabotaging you want at every turn. All right. We'll play right there. All right. That's fine. All right on the year. Katie has sixteen wins intern hugs has thirteen surprisingly. All right. I four winds, Katie ready? Yes, hugs. Ready? I'm ready name musician whose. Name starts with the letter e. All right. The hawks had Ellen John. Katie said, Ellie Golding. Let's go to the judges. I'll go first. I did hear hug slightly. I slightly. Hey. I agree. It doesn't matter because the two judges already wet. So there you go. Did you hear? I it was close almost the time. But almost name something you would eat it. Thanksgiving starting at the letter G one two. Okay. He said, girl. All right. All right. Name a type of alcohol that starts the letter S, so. Katie said so..

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