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You took a bad angle that hesitated of. But that's not something the giants really need to worry about term. Because Cameron bore is not a guy who is going to be in that position very often. No, no. You know, I the defense annoyed me in the fourth quarter. I I absolutely acknowledged that they got thrown a curveball by Josh Johnson being out there and actually being able to. Run with his legs change the throwing angles and passing lanes and actually being able to run the option and all of that. And that is a pretty big change from Mark Sanchez. Yeah. To me. That's the biggest takeaway of what happened in the fourth quarter. I think we saw the flaw of hell many teams that want to have like a generic carbon copy version of their starter being the backup. And that's what happens I mean Colt McCoy was that to Alex Smith, and then you get to a third version of that. And that's why you've signed Mark Sanchez. And I think you can see the flood there because then you just get progressively worse at the same thing. But I think if you bring in a guy like Josh Johnson. And now I'm going to say because it's Washington like, that's the crazy reason to like why aren't you bringing in Colin Kaepernick? I mean, we know why? But if it's the reason why you should bring it somewhat like that. Because you have a guy like Josh Johnson. You I mean Josh Rosen is not good. But he looked like a frigging superstar after what Sanchez did because he's able to move the pocket bore. He's able to create a little bit. More for himself. You have teams who say we don't want to change the playbook, but clearly Johnson opened up the playbook because they were they were they ran an option play with Josh Johnson. Like, so obviously that was in the playbook at some point that wasn't something they were ever going to run with Mark Sanchez youth, probably in for Alex Smith, probably was for Alex Smith. So again, you're you're saying you don't want to change the playbook, but you have a guy with Smith who who does have those types of awesome plays, and you say calling Kabir Nick has filled in for Alex Smith before. So and I don't want to focus on capitol in Washington. This is a kind of an overall like a league wide trend of how so many once you approach their backup position. I just I think it's flawed. You want to bring in a guy like Johnson who again is not particularly good of. But he can do some things that a guy like Mark Sanchez, who's like your ninth option of who you would ideally. Want you sign? He brings something else to the table. He had the rushing touchdown as his first touchdown. That's not something other statues in in the pocket are going to bring you. So I think having someone who is different. Like, Josh Johnson is what you want in the type of backup. Because it does give a change of pace it gives the defense something to several things to worry about that. They might not have prepared for and if your backups in because something bad has happened, which is probably why you're backups in. Although we also saw the giants put their own backup in and have bad things happen having a guy who presents that those other dimensions that defense has to worry about. But might not have spent a whole lot of time working on that week. That's an advantage. Yeah. It is. I think we saw it that is the type of advantage that a guy like Johnson were of his skillset can bring. So while we're on backup quarterbacks. I think let's end with a what a lot of people have wanted to see for quite some time. And that was Kyle Valetta getting snaps in a game. Not sure if the people who wanted to see that saw what they wanted with his five passes. But it's either was an opportunity to get well on the field. And they did I think the people who are expecting to get this time and improve himself as the heir apparent to ally. I think that's first of all flawed in many ways of one I don't think we'll be able to learn enough from wall, regardless of how well or poorly. He plays over you know, four or five games at the end of the season to make any..

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