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Watch a show tomorrow on ABC TV at ten thirty the Maggie tax and financial show I would be talking about a couple changes that we made and we're gonna be doing seminars every month so if you go to our website Maggie tax and just click on seminars you're going to see if someone was there for social security and Medicare and taxes are you gonna see one for empowering women and then you go to see a one for federal employees but click on that link all the dates of their it's going to be done on a Saturday because a lot of people working we understand that this is a very educational seminar it's up to you to start learning because when you listen to our show well you can hear so much but we want to teach you the right way and what to do in terms of social security and Medicare and now on the new thing that we're talking about here is the secure act we talked about it before because the stretch I array is going away now we talked about maybe some of the alternatives and Chris something that's really important that's come up is about annuities I'm in the secure act the annuities will soon be available in four oh one K.'s so think about that people have an opinion on a new eighties because they have heard you know they're not good but that's not true because we have a lot of people that we see we teach about the different types of annuity so think about why would they put in a nude in a four one K. that guarantees them income why would they give them that option well here's the thing you know many people out there financial planning is viewed in a different way you know you want to plan for your income for your investments for your state plan but the so much to it and many people run out of money in retirement because I don't have enough income sources so how do you create your own family pension think about it you know we're all used to maybe getting so security or with that we work for a company for ten fifteen twenty thirty years and then what happens you get a pension well that's guaranteed income but what if you can create your own family pension how to go about doing it to the secure act that was just passed one one two thousand twenty has a lot of different strategies now to take advantage to help people protect and secure their retirement so one of things that as we mentioned before is that the stretch IRA no longer exist which is to us gonna cause a lot of tax revenue in the future so what are you doing about expression of the ever and I array of for one K. four oh three V. you need to make sure that you protect your money and that's why we encourage everyone who has an IRA to pick up the phone schedule time to meet with us let's show you what this is going to impact your retirement and annuities informant Katie is you know now you have the opportunity creature own pension your lifetime income to supplement your current pension or you're you're you're so security or spousal security so now what are your options what do you do to plan for retirement and that's what we put together an income plan as well as an investment plan for your time and so come on in schedule time to meet with us is eight three three Maggie tax visit our website at Maggie tax dot com we have offices on both sides of the day to help you out education is so important and that's why I encourage you to set an appointment with us so we go over this with you and you have to understand there are many options and if your advisors not talking about it a Christian I've been doing this for years so we understand the tax codes we understand how you can reduce your taxes and do it right the other thing that changes the the new required minimum distribution age this is so important because a lot of people don't even don't even know they have to take the record and distribution but it was at seventy and a half now what is a change to Criswell judiciary one little bit if you have an IRA or tax deferred account such as a four three view of form Kane you retire at seventy to half you have to start taking money out of these accounts that are infected with taxes with the you want to or not as my dad mentioned before age seventy and a half was the time when you have to start pulling money out what what they did was they just pushed it back to age seventy two so what is this do for you well yeah it off to take it out over those couple years but what in retirement what about her time in the future when your account builds and there's more taxes what are you gonna do about it so what the strategies to defuse this big tax time bomb what do you do well one of the things you need to do is maybe take a look at your beneficiaries because since the stretch our rates have been eliminated I don't know how your arteries have been set up but this is a big thing Chris and I talk about beneficiaries learn how your heirs could see a tax increase a tax increase because of the secure act and again it goes back to what we talk about tax planning we had to advance tax planning strategies you need to understand what we want to do here we want to help you want to educate you tax season is here so pick up the phone and give us a call eight three three Maggie tax we started sixty nine dollars and stop paying hundreds of dollars for tax preparation that's not what you have to do because we take a look at your tax return we can see what we can save you want taxes how many of you would like that eight three three Maggie tax so learn how you know you could benefit by these tax strategies where your advisor right now is just trying to put you in the market and go up and down and I don't know what they're trying to do to be honest because it just trying to accumulate money Chris but with the market goes down and then it goes down twenty thirty percent then the accumulation part is is going to go down but the distribution part is also going to go down how important is that to people right now what's the investment side and absolutely is so important you know many people come in our office and we ask the question of safety important to you and most of time the answer is yes but what do you doing about it yeah this market has gone to skyrocket is done very well but we do want to protect your money thirty percent loss could wipe your accounts out you know pretty pretty big so what are you doing about it to protect yourself and that's why part of our investment division we can help you analyze what you currently have you know we manage money we have third party money managed actively manage the money any time you're in the market you need to have a specific purpose with your money so what are your accounts doing you know right now let's get a second opinion maybe it's a great time to take some profits especially if you have an IRA form K. because think about this your uncle Sam's gonna get paid first we talked about this from the tax side but what about your future income these accounts are put together to give you income to make sure it lasts you never.

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