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Some say that was to help Joe Biden because of course he got in the club a char and Michael Bennett and Bernie Sanders stuck in their care they have to be there for this or as long as it goes and that guy from Colorado that freshman from Colorado I think they threw him in there for two reasons one of Colorado and obviously that's a that's a swing state and secondly that he had military background and I applaud his service in the military although you know most of the military people I know they don't tell me their former military bells Armani always there I would I was that I was that you know they they they just off and you know from their character from their stature from their way of life that they're in the military this guy could tell us enough he was in the military so that makes me a little suspect number one and number two I think he wrote a script for like one in the morning but it came up earlier came up like at eight o'clock at night too so I know you're tired well I I know you people honestly but guess what oversee the can't sleep they're defending United States we didn't send the military equipment you know it it it's just like a third grade play whose we and that you know if you admit it down deep if you're sitting in a third grade play your number one thought as you sit in the play even as a parent sometimes but certainly as though your friends the queen's grandparents whatever what what do you think when is this going to be over yeah I did minute that's what you're thinking about your third exactly and that's what that was it was just it was just it was just it was just law all right I'm done I I have I have nothing more I'd the I've I've I've owners all of my frustration for me this insanity the one thing I will say folks that the I I want to I want to be optimistic because there is plenty of reasons to be optimistic this is like a bandaid we're gonna have to rip off a you know a bad little Ali I get that but he would get up and yeah I do too and that will have a few days of that but the long term game from the short term pain can you convince me one person watched that last night and said not not that's it I'm done with Donald Trump I'm done I'm done with Donald Trump I am I'm switching sides he said these Democrats speak for me that that that they are burying their chances they they're thinking they're being too cute by half here by if we have a vote eleven times that we can use eleven votes in an ad and then with the P. them in India but but people don't realize that adds votes said that I look at my four oh one K. how's the economy doing plus we see through all of it now all of it unbelievable I'm hoping that somebody in sterling North Dakota can make sense of all this and love to hear your take a two five eight zero five five zero let's go to sterling hi Dave that makes some sense of this force which place well you know we we knew Washington DC was screwed up but we had no idea of the depths of corruption that we are seeing expose with the trump administration I mean it all started bacchanal bomb a second term when people started seeing what's going on in the flush the house of all the Democrats and the Republicans they push the Senate but a poll of Republicans hoping that something would change and of course Republicans lost they blew that chance because of their stupidity but I'll tell you just an average of person on the street what common sense can see what has gone on since trump came down the elevator and it is an absolute but attempt by these in these elitist people who have been running Washington for decades and their power is threatened by all this by the people who have finally woke up and said you know we don't wanna politician for our president we want somebody that's going to fight for us and we don't give.

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