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There's a lot of things that means a lot there's going to be the six time in credits the show yet for one last year yeah right oh and thank you for saying that holly can i a hbo once again thank you holly for bringing back the art of the opening title sit one from game of thrones true detective too read to this show thank you hbo for bringing back of the art of the opening credits i don't hate you and you can yeah you all can fast forward past up but i love them i think it gets you in the mood for the show which i've said four thousand times is the job of the opening title sequence is to get shoo in the mood of the show and this one is beautiful as an apology great it's stunningly gorgeous we have so much more to get too so if i were you i would go anywhere hey guys bradley here for my good friends and family dentist treated them here with doctors scott so doctor scott schools back and session the kids are in school hopefully they've been taking care of what advice do you have for parents well now that the kids are back in and mom and dad focus on themselves it's time to get their dental work done give the claiming that you been putting off you know any work that was diagnosed with bill and completed getting appointment to get data giraffes so take care of them now in if you need some financing options we have great ones available right now so call today talk to the opposite bottom that we can do for you and don't forget to take care of it for the holidays flying out no one wants to go under the holidays for that you think don't wait make your life easier today call shams want family dentist three one eight hundred fix my teeth or visit them online to fix might dot us and don't forget just like doctor scott starter rachel always says if you not see my dad tracy another dentist take kat because they are the only ones yet a girl hey are you a couple having a fight to like if miss bats with don't take the law into your own hands you've taken some might talk couple scorer we're looking for combos and are having lee is nobody five can't stalled yourself it's going to my top one of seven one dot com click on to jason in alexis in the morning show painting dallas tell us about your fight and how to get oval so one help you for a couple scored every tuesday at them any thirty on piece in alike like i time when a said.

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