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Like consumer polaroid's her pictures develop instantly normally for a client shall take to the client picks their favorite and she keeps the other one that she calls the b side now that polaroid film is discontinued and elsa is eighty years old she's mostly retired in eyrle's film she looks back over hundreds of photos and reflects on her career that innocent of any the explanation is in my life i've ever had not to meet life when you down this had met here need to walk around the euro elsa never had much of a national profile but in cambridge she's an institution aero moved their 27 years ago with his wife julia and their son hamilton he told me way i described cambridge's this city fill with very very smart people none of whom have any desire to talk to you but erl and julia became friends with elsa and her husband harvey silverglate in attorney and criminal defense and civil liberties elsa says about harvey so the only people he will have separate with a julian narrow busied rather work lucky me as an aside i should note that one harvey's defense clients is jeffrey macdonald the infamous surgeon convicted of killing his family his case was reexamined in a book by errol called a wilderness of error as our conversation began errol gave credit to julia for bringing the couple's together leads the result of my wife may all of whom i might add including myself love julia every good and i wouldn't know neither elsa or harvey if not for her i always complain that.

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