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Look so I'm I'm sorry. Is that like fuck ARY. Is it like okay cool. Yeah Fuck Fuck Fuck Macarena Buckeye book an actual dirty situation situation so like okay so a variant. That's more in the realm of like actual grimy nece. I had mentioned. There's like sewer. Many mentions of the oncoming oncoming apocalypse and some of them were really backwards or showed like the fact that Dolores Claiborne really really knows her Bible back the front which the whole riot piece shows that like reads the Bible she mentioned Blazing fire balls at one point and then it. It goes on a long reign about something else about the power of insects and that has to do with the fact that in revelations like a whore sized mosquitoes shoot to fire their out of their mouths. Man I really gotta revelations it's really get like twenty six hundred ten. Yeah now for sure. it's decimal. It'll shit dog. It's so heavy. Metal dealers. Clayborn is asking for a heavy metal album to be written about her. We'll all right everybody. Hey I don I want to do a quick recommended reading at the end of this do it. A Danny's wisdom Stephen. I've been listening to this new podcast. getting some traction in some realms but I want to send more four people their way. It's called the old gods of Appalachia. Yeah it's it's so so good. It's a fiction podcast available everywhere. You can get podcasts by the by awesome nerdy dudes and if you like horror. If you like Stephen King you will like this show. Yeah I I've never heard anything like it And I- troll the forums. Whatever of the world for horror podcasts? It's what got me into podcasting in the first place and eventually led to US making this one and I can genuinely say a old Gods Vappu Asia or Appalachia if you speak in an Appalachian accent is it's just not quite like anything else. That exists exists. It's beautifully written. It's Gothic and we love it to death so I yeah. I can't speak highly enough about it. I really can't So we'RE WE'RE GONNA sign off. Everybody thank you all for listening to this awfully episode. Go hit your books for insomnia. Were doing part one and two during the next episode. That's the I four hundred or so pages it's let's get whacky you'll love it. Yes all right. Everyone will see you next week..

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