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Go and found belmont and ended up applying there and it was actually the only school i got an empty that i applied to and that's his by the grace of god is really there's you know schools at warn is difficult to get into that rejected my application but i got into bowman uh went there for two years so that was kind of my segue into nashville what you wanna do a belmont business i studied music business for for three semesters nice which to english from my last semester so you didn't studied music i didn't i didn't i thought about a thought hard about that decision i kinda talk to different you know people at the school in the foam before i decide what to apply foreign uh you know i just i just really felt i know one due to be a songwriter in i've never consider myself a great guitar player or singer i just i knew i wanted to to be in the scene and right songs and i dunno i just at when i thought about the avenues of studying the instrument or my voice it just didn't really excite me so i studied music business is to kinda get an overview of what it was like so what was the goal is to be an artist or just moved out to be a song rose rules to be an artist but i really didn't know i didn't have any you know it's not until you get to nashville you really realize all the different types of ardisson path you can take but i just knew i wanted to to to have a career making my own music you know whatever that look like in those really sfar's had thought about it so you move to nashville you didn't say you're for your so you dropped out ecology a dropped out to actually pursue your craft yeah yeah before i went my mom my mom was relieved that went decided to go to school and she said hey view i just want you to go to school for two years you know i want you to know what that experiences she'd always say have two years of college under your belt and just so i wasn't i didn't go there and countdown you know i was i can't wait to years of mad here but you know i just after two years i.

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