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Favorite spy over seventeen or eighteen points he was the the underdogs cover however I think it was like seven times out of eight against the dolphins specifically ords nanny game and just any and he just he and I don't think I think he's bill doesn't have bad John Harbaugh instinct of running up the score necessarily although Brady doesn't lie to come off the field not right but you can you can you can take that what you will with. Ci Yeah I was stood him as well. He wouldn't wanNA. He went to relinquish any reps. I'm sure tool what is going on in terms of the scoreline his firm Gaza Gaza says as neutral what possible good reason to the giants have for not giving the ball to Saquon way more than they did versus the cobblestones started in exhilarating fashion saquon. It would seem to tail off and he just wasn't given enough action what was going on that 'cause. They're chasing the game. was that the fool the opposition they think we're going to go with our best. I weapons have been go ahead. Go with someone else. you know if they had a better set of receivers I might I might say that makes a lot of sense but they're wide. Receivers are not particularly threatening Ebony Ingram is it you know is a good pass catching tight end but Barkley looked like he was you running in great form and I I'm surprised not that they didn't give him more carries with they didn't get him more involved in the passing game he's gone from. Ayman appreciate the the question aiming at the NC show if you WANNA fall asleep and vitamin throughout the course of the week and Alex and Tom and the guys on social media will be picking him up and we'll try squeeze him into to one one of the shows what is the NFL stance on tapping players up while still on the contrary different of course to to European football sense that it's not near as legislated. Is it yeah I mean. You're not supposed to there's not supposed to be any interference with the player while he's under contract which is why people were guessing that the Patriots might have contacted Antonio Brown before he was actually released by by Oakland and suggested he might WanNa come here the the reality is that generally know these things anyway his agent drew. Rosenhaus would have known that the Patriots were interested in Brown because they offered Pittsburgh a first round draft pick the year before before him you know when when he became available but print but Pittsburgh took a lesser offer because they did want him going to the Patriots knowing knowing the Patriots were annually their competition for a playoff spot you know or or a super bowl spot even so adult anyone needed to tell drew Rosenhaus at the Patriots would be interested in having a piffle now. Wait a minute yeah. I think yeah there are ways around ways around the rules. I think is what was saying. That seems to go going regularly just as it doesn't in European quite frankly all right. Thanks for all of those questions. I we're GONNA wrap up. Today's show with what we agreed top. Five free agency picks top five free the agents. It's it's an interesting list because and the guy at the top is the guy who it kind of pivots around because when the new free agency rules came came in when when players got free agency then it became a different kind of situation previously when when free agency was a kind of thing where you'd been ignored by other teams so oh my number by number five guys. Dion Sanders right right 'cause Dion went from Atlanta San Francisco and they wanna Super Bowl and then he went to Dallas and they want a super bowl. that's kind of hard to argue at number three is night train what about number four number four sorry scary. Zimmerman who came out of the USFL and and then went and played in two teams finally Denver and yet was was a for two decades he was he's on the all decade team in the NFL for two two decades plus he was all USFL a great free agency. Pick up There's a lot of guys obviously unless I like guys who no other teams didn't want and then came along guys like say Mike variable or John Randall but they didn't make the cut number three's night train rain lane. He was working in a factory in Los Angeles had his last Football Gig was with the Fort Ord team in the US army and he just went to the rams office with his scrapbook and said look. I can play football. Give me a chance and they worked out like one day and said Oh maybe about simpler times trying gets a double double dip on the show today yeah he does and number two is Johnny Nitis who was playing for the Bloomfield Rams in a semi pro league around Pittsburgh where they the fields were so bad they had to put oil on the field so the dust clouds didn't make the players invisible then he went to he had been cut by Pittsburgh he went a to Baltimore and obviously had huge career with them a number one is the guy who was really the first big signing when the new free agency came in when players were allowed to become free agents and put themselves on the market and that was Reggie White and Reggie white obviously came out of the US Sevilla's well with Philadelphia went to Philadelphia in the NFL and it was like Lebron James People forget that he he basically made a whole drama out of where he was going to sign and Green Bay was sort of like the least likely replaced shall we say quote Unquote Non Urban Situation the packers had misguided reputation and he went to Green Bay and obviously the result was instantaneous. he was dominant there. They won the Super Bowl there and you know I think that was probably the the biggest effect free agent of all time because it also also opened the door to other players who said Oh well. I can go to a team Green Bay. You know an and have a good time and put all their so reggie. White Outta sight the a trail blazer our site indeed. It's reassuring as well to hit. Johnny nights is one of the legends of the game was overlooked by so many people love stories and Reggie white nicknamed the Minister of Defense. That's another one you know. Nobody said hey minister but it was an integrate nickname anyway legendary stuff cracking work. I and Mike speaking of legendary stuff. It is brilliant tap you as part of the gang this season and if this was Wanna get into more of your stuff. The best goes your Paci on column right yeah. That's twenty Friday morning tight end column if you go to patch on dot com Mike Carlson. FM T. E. and I pick all the games every week. One game on Thursday obviously and then the rest of them come out on Friday. KRYSTOF will tweet that out as well and push it out across our different social media channels look forward to the latest column dropping and look forward to the latest episode dropping open next week each and every Wednesday throughout the season. I'm Mike Right here on the net game. Show cracking well. Thank you always a pleasure always a pleasure. We'll be checking in with Mike very very very soon. You can count on it took stuff from Mike as I say we'll roll out his patron. Call them so you can get involved with that across social media speaking of Columns My Espn Colin drops tomorrow Thursday on the website so head over to espn cater read that and again. We'll push that one out a- as good again to the browns this week and Talk Brown that's why I- sneakily shaved off the running order. Let's talk about it with my but I but I saved it. 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