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That preparations they set up metal detectors at each of the three gates and deployed thirteen hundred police officers. There were eighteen police snipers on the rooftops and a number of bomb sniffing dogs down below officers. Even conducted a fingertip search of Benazir stage. The scene was set. Before she left for the rally. Benazir phoned have family in Dubai, so. That day. I had spoken to on the phone Benazir son allow it would be their last conversation. Her voice was I'd had on TV always associate was a phone call again, I said your voice. Voices going hosts, let's make sure you drank your lemonade, Honey. And I went off she spoke to my father. I spoke to her. They also assets the Dari Benazir's husband, and as always would beggar not to go out. Not listen. This day. Also, I told her not to go out. What did she say to you? So you know, some things I have to do. And that was the last time they spoke. Benazir arrived at the rally in the middle of the afternoon. She was really happy really excited because it was a video getting ahead. Con was one of Benazir Bhutto's closest aides she helped organize the rally and sat with Benazir. Then she made a speech it was really long. And she said I'm not scared because life, and that is in allies hand. I I'm not scared of these things Venezia's spoke for more than half an hour and afterwards, she was elated. She hugged me on cheek kissed me. She said ninety them so excited the meeting was so good. I'm so impressed fake got into Benazir's car and tried to make that way from the rally. If you remember our last episode, a boy working for the Pakistan Taliban had identified this moment in her rallies as her most fundamental point. And that same boy was now moving among Benazir supporters. He was wearing black sunglasses..

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