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For america's troops and veterans at the race track. The gift that keeps giving with vet tix dot org helping helping manage the tickets for veterans <hes> i bought one hundred tickets for every race and then tracks started to jump in and donate another hundred hundred tickets and then it seems like the motivation that they have now with a free ticket to come to the race <hes> there obtaining pit passes from different sources courses in different connections and i bumped into a few of them you know with their sign their vet tix dot org sign wanting to picture and we re post things on on my social quite a bit to really just say thank you and that the program is there for them and i'm glad they're all enjoying it. It's it's really neat. There's some that are <hes> coming to raises for the first time and and then there's some that live in the regions close to the race to where they don't have a ton of travel costs and it's worked out crates. I can't thank the tracks enough other fans. I think new hampshire they opened up for race fans to donate tickets <hes> whereas most tracks <hes> <unk> through an another chunk of a hundred on them chevrolet they jumped in daytona july race and added fifty hot pit passes for the men and women and so each tracks had some fun with it and again again. It's like a gift that keeps giving all right. There's your latest edition of drivers saying what kurt busch is his name and man hats off to him. He is given tons of tickets away to the troops and veterans. That's awesome awesome. It's really cool and i've actually seen quite a few people on twitter talking about <hes> getting tickets through that so it's really cool to see him giving back to folks who have served in this country and it's a unique way of getting fans in the stands. A lot of fans are a lot of people <hes> probably may not have seen race before and you might as well check it out for free right yeah oh definitely and that that definitely opens up the is to a lot of people who might not have been checking out before so that's anytime you can do that anytime you should a child the sport anytime you show somebody <hes> who hasn't been around it don't understand why people care about these cars go around in circles you see it in person. It's totally different. The nordia smell all the feeling the vibrations as the lady in talladega nights says the vibrations rations but yeah no. There's so so much <hes> involvement race we can you get the atmosphere of all the other people. The fans are the friendliest people you'll ever meet the midways awesome. There's so many cool things to take in a nascar race and any time you get somebody to experience that for the first time it's awesome real quick on the flip side though t._v. Ratings are seeing a resurgence. That's awesome. They really are and it has been awesome. Mm-hmm i mean last week was what a thirteen fourteen percent increase or something and the last week was a way seven eight percent increase in like that so it's been pretty good increases for the last couple of weeks hate to see a cup series off weekend right in the middle of their momentum but i know all right to happen like that though yeah exactly all right so cup series does have the weekend off but there's plenty of racing. You're not gonna miss it. At all. All kinds of road course action cups or <hes> xfinity series truck series both in action. We told you all about that. In the previous segment so <hes> checkered flag is flying on this show. This has been the final weekly catch us next week right here when we will recap the racing from the xfinity and truck series. He's road course action from this weekend and preview the lady in black the track too tough to tame darlington and all the different paint schemes and stories inbetween toby. Are you and i will chat next week. Yeah man we sure will it's going to be a fun time. This is going to be a fun road course weekend. Another final lap weekly is in the books the final laugh.

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