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It's mighty fine. Dedicated to slashing your spending. Growing your savings to new, previously unthought of heights and demolishing your dead. Thanks for hanging out a huge welcome to all of our newest affiliates. All of our listeners thie emails are fabulous, and I got to give a big shadow guys. We record the show a little earlier in the week, South Carolina, North Carolina, all of the southeastern, you know, the the Lower Southeast and holy mackerel. It's It's going to be a real whopper. Please know that we're thinking of you. We're praying for you. If you guys get a chance to check in. If you have family that you know down there, Let us know how you're doing. Find us online. Brilliant Krugel living dot com. Give us the latest know that we're all pulling for you and made this storm passed with the minimal, minimal damage the guys they're in the Southeast, some of the toughest on earth. But heck, nobody wants a hurricane to pass over. So just know that we're thinking about you. We hope you're OK. And we would love for you guys to check in emails all over the place a dozen upon dozens after last week's show hats off to all of them. Thank you so much. I wake up in the morning and I see these e mails and it's just tremendous camaraderie. I love it. We're in this to win it when it comes to the frugal fight and huge shout out, as always. Every week. You know who you are. Mitchell Meeks and Lindy Super fans listening in from Super Talk Mississippi Saving America's wallets one hour at a time sitting here with my previously mentioned Creme Brule, a coffee in hand. Man. This stuff is good, Tony says hello with this green teachers as we tackle today's trendy topics, and if you're not drinking coffee, or, you know, green tea at the moment, that's OK. We will do enough for all of you because that's just the type of team players we are last week. I was nearly did he talking about Deep cleaning these carpets. It sounds so lame. It sounds so nutty, but I'm telling you right now, you know, First of all. How much I love a good, well done home improvement project, right? You're thinking about something that needs to get freshened up. You're not crazy about how much space you have. Maybe you're thinking about moving stuff around. Get your hands on one of these deep carpet cleaners. I don't care how dedicated you are to just wonderful vacuuming each week Or maybe you've got the hardwood floors, you sweet pea. Do whatever do a serious floor cleaning on here? Invest in one of these deep cleaners is my advice. Honestly, it will pay for itself within just a few months. It's fantastic. And when I put the word out about this, I got so many great. My gosh, you guys are the best. But we're talking about home improvement projects that freshen things up. Make things newer. Make things you know, just looking better feeling better, You know, higher value, higher price tag to it. And I started thinking about another huge project we're doing which is de cluttering, and I'm telling you guys right now I am addicted to this new movement, and I gotta be honest with you. You see these shows out there about the hoarders and everything else going on. We all might even know Ahhh order. I am not a hoarder, however. I am a low grade pack rats. I'm not really famous for getting rid of a lot of stuff. If things were clearly past their usefulness, they could maybe go to someone else that can use it more. I have donated tons of stuff could literally be tons. I mean, a ton is £2000. I could have literally donated tons of stuff to goodwill by now, but I still hold on to a lot of crap. Now the good news slash bad news is is that I married a man over 20 years ago. Bless his heart That is also my level of minor league. Packrat. Okay, so which is better than having someone who was over your shoulder all the time. Throw that out. Throw that out. Throw that out. I've never said that to him. He's never said that to me, which is nice. It's good news. The bad news is we never throw anything out. I mean, we really did not for a lot of stuff out. We have now engaged in a again to use a phrase low level purge. Holy crap! The square footage we have added to our home. The open spaces that we have added to our residents between that and the deep carpet cleaning. It is phenomenal. So we're talking about a full house cleaning and I want you guys to think about this. I know how crazy hard you work. I want your free time to be used in ways that benefit you, body, mind and soul And I'm here to tell you I am just a grade a regular human being. And the incredible peace of mind and fun and self satisfaction, which we all love to have these days. God knows I do. And I say this freely. We like to feel a little satisfied with their efforts. You go into a deep carpet cleaning on your carpets and you do a minor purge. Couple of loads of carloads worth of stuff to your local goodwill. Your Have attacked humanity or whatever your best to your favorite charity is, you will feel reborn. So I put the word out about this last week. I'm getting all kinds of stuff back. And here is the best decluttering advice literally that I've ever heard. And this stuff, it cracks me up. I'm laughing back and forth. Going back and forth of some of these people. It is hilarious What some of these people do, and the phrase that I'm gonna keep bringing up that I saw this online trash bag, Tango. You're going to go through your house into a trash bag. Tango. What do you put in? What do you leave out? Here's where we go over it. Number one. This advice is so good guys. This is so spot on know your clutch er, personality. We all have clutter. All right. The hoarders are way they're in the pseudo crazy clutter. You know Category we are not Where you and I all right, but we do have clutter. My God. Look at my junk for my kitchen back home. Holy crap. I've got unbelievable stuff there. I'm never getting rid of it. I gotta be honest with you. I'm never going through the clutter drawer, never going through the kitchen door that way, But there's a lot of other stuff I'm going through. And it feels dang good in order for you guys to maintain a clutter free home. Here's the biggest thing you need to get to the root of why things pile up in the first place. And here's three different categories. They say You're supposed to fit yourself into one. I basically fit into all three number one. You're too busy which equals No. Too many extras. You buy these items you already own because you don't have a system in place for where to store them. Or, you know when you need to find things fast. The time to search through all the possible storage spots is just impossible. So you buy too many things you have to many things. Because you didn't know you had him in the first place. You know, we have extra pillows in our house.

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