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Hi I'm doctor Dave Janet director of the institute for prevented a sports medicine and host of operation freedom in the power of prevention featured health segments which here from our freedom bunker every Sunday from two to five PM and wham talk sixteen hundred on the shows a highlight the role of prevention and helping make you and your family safer and healthier we now have a new website focusing on nutrition and wellness with featured products also list hit the internet check it out it W. W. W. dot operation freedom health dot com that's operation freedom health dot com or call eight zero one six four five two four one eight that's eight zero one six four five two four one eight we have a special report on the site as well but well bad inflammatory foods to avoid at all costs check it out bottom line when it comes to prevention caring is the first step but for to be more than empty rhetoric action must follow and now operation free with your host Dr days Jenda on southeast Michigan's conservative powerhouse one sixteen broadcasting from our freedom I am six one of my favorite segments my my Christmas message merry Christmas happy holiday season happy new year message to every one of our listeners and everyone who has supported this platform without your help without your support without your networking the show of.

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