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But as time went on the lounge wasn't just a scene of people drinking cocktails on their way to london by the late nineteen sixties most commercial jets could make it across the atlantic without needing to refuel but gander was still serving an important role in international travel especially to communist countries who couldn't fly to the us or use it's airspace gander was the major stopping point between moscow and vanna but this occasionally invited defectors seeking asylum in canada and in particular was a fair number from cuba that's gary vocal gerald bulky son and he says sometimes people would get off they're playing coming from cuba or bulgaria or some other communist country and seek asylum not that this was easy vocal remembers witnessing one incident in particular in which a woman from cuban flight attempted to escape down the lounge escalator to canadian authorities while the cuban flight crew tried to stop her they had lady hold by feet khanate had her a hold by her head or arms so she was upside down going up the escalator and she had address on her dress was back over head it nearly turned violent and was for me i mean even as a kid there was one of the most iconic things i've ever seen for residents of candor life was also about living alongside people from all over the world who worked for the airlines aeroflot the russian airliner head over one hundred fifty crew inflate planners in gander alone gander in its day was a lot more multicultural than probably some of the bigger cities in canada.

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