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O'clock running six forty to play. It was seventeen ten at halftime a seventeen point third quarter for the Commodores built this comfortable advantage. Three receivers are split wide to the left asandra throw wash. Now runs right into the pursuing defender and the tackle is made for the sack. No, Mark him down all the way back. At the forty eight yard line of the Commodores. For most stepped up and did not see that coming. I think maybe setting up a long pass for later on you know, give them a little overconfident that was number fifty one Dhamma Peterson of three hundred and fifteen pound redshirt freshmen who gets the sack. That's I sack of the day for the Wolfpack. And that will bring on Parker told me. Punt is away. Wobbly field at all the way back in the five yard line by fossil Mayfield at it. At the five gets a block breaks a tackle only to the twenty twenty-five out close to the thirty that ball came loose ball is still loose at the thirty two yard line. Vanderbilt says they have it and they do. Bossom trying to do a little bit extra coughed it up and the Commodores pounce on the loose ball. Joe you call it possum was trying to get as much as he could. And he also had just seen. I may go all the way and that is Cade mainly who pounced on that fumble forty seven yard punt twenty five yards on the return. But the fumble gives the ball back to the Commodores. I down at the wolf pack thirty two third turnover or the day by Nevada. The old putt pick up the fumble. I down going forward on some yardage there. Worked out really well. Bassem actually fielded it all the way back at the four yard line made a nice return. But then gave it up at the end. And now Hassan will get another opportunity. Crawford stays in a tailback. He'll take the hand off. And he's going to be hit at the line of scrimmage and spun down for a loss on that play penetration there now Nevada county selling out a little bit realizing the Commodores will be content to run the football Sewell there to make the tackle alone with Jackson. And they gave him forward progress. Back to the line of scrimmage, so second down and ten. Yeah. They had ten men plan the run that time one guy that deep in case they decided zero five minutes to play here at Vanderbilt stadium Commodores leading thirty four to ten. I formation George and Crawford. Cam Johnson is why do the left? Two tight end set. Handoff crawford. No gain maybe a yard. And that's about all tackle made by Lawson hall. Right now your opponent is the clock. Your opponent is not Nevada. You're just trying to get that thing down to three zeros. Yeah. And it's almost unfair to Josh because they've sold out so much to the run. Josh had a couple of good carries early. But now, they're just playing only the run third down at ten. Gavin.

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