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Is in Miami Dade County it is weak to for Broward Palm Beach on the treasure coast as well for students watch your speed around bus stops in school zones and several schools were locked down last week about beach county leaving a heightened sense of awareness as the second week of school begins to do those threats that's what they were locked down for as the second week of classes ramps up tech expert Craig arrogant off says that authorities do everything possible to track down threats like robo calls that were placed against those schools once we catch these kids are guys which we will they should be made an example out of so that this way it makes other kids realize all my god that's not so funny anymore now and school district spokesperson said that school police the FBI are investigating the threats made last week against the South Florida schools Jeffrey up Steve's household managers social organizer and alleged madam in New York and Palm Beach fifty seven year old Dhillon Maxwell is now the target of lawsuits one of the lawsuits against Maxwell was filed by Virginia Roberts guy who accuses abstain and Maxwell of sex trafficking guide says Maxwell recruited her when she was fifteen while she was employed at more Lago guy says she was flown on F. things private planes to his properties in New Mexico the U. S. Virgin Islands in New York where she allegedly perform sex acts Maxwell has not yet been charged with a crime but authorities continue to investigate Stephen Diener news talk eight fifty W. F. T. L. man arrested in Daytona beach after threatening a mass shooting according to the Volusia county sheriff's office police arresting twenty five year old person with her Daytona beach Florida discovering a hunting rifle and four hundred rounds of ammunition at his apartment it came following a tip from his ex girlfriend who allegedly sent a series of disturbing messages like this one writing a schools a week target I'd be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over three miles away deputy say plan to shoot into a crowd and kill more than a hundred people the man was arrested in Daytona beach a nine year old girl recovering after being bitten by a shark at a popular Florida beach over the weekend it happened Friday morning in new Smyrna beach on Florida's east coast about twenty two miles south of Daytona the nine year old visiting from Ohio is in knee deep water at the time of the attack he received medical treatment on scene for a laceration to our leg and was transported to a hospital where she received an undisclosed number of stitches in the past month two surfers and another swimmer were bitten by sharks at the same beach Tony Marino ABC news Florida team of volunteer garbage men is back in South Florida after taking a cleaning trip to Baltimore the traveling trash man Jupiter based group of almost a dozen sanitation workers travel to Baltimore to help tackle the city's trash and dumping issues group member John work said that the city of Baltimore was glad to see them there thirty minutes of being there people are coming.

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