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Financially independent of that 4._0._1._K. That's losing money. You know year after year, they're like, oh, I lost this amount of mine money. I'm like, okay. That's insanity. Time to change it up. They're like, okay. Let's do it. That is the truth. I I'm an IRA that I keep one IRA that I put put into place when I was like eighteen years old first job, whatever my dad convinced me that I needed to have an IRA. And so I think the maximum of two thousand and put it in there. And we're we're now like forty years later, whatever it is sixty to back up twenty years. Forty two years ago. And. At this time. It's gone up. You know, like two thousand I put it into houses worth five hundred thousand this two thousand I put it there is worth about, you know, thirty six thousand at the beginning of the year. It gone from thirty six to forty four thousand I go. Wow. That actually the stock market is going up. I guess I got the end of the year state Patricia was lower than it was last year and people just don't realize that they're looking at some numbers on a piece of paper. They can go anywhere mean. Absolutely nothing. And absolutely could not retire. You just will not cannot happen. No matter what. Now, obviously saving money any kind in any device. She put it into it's going to be better than not saving money, but having that money out there working, and I think that when your sisters, you know, make some money and become successful. I think you're gonna get some real secondary benefit from that, you know, your your pride in the amount that you're gonna have to know that you helped other people I feel it's to me. I get more joy out of watching other people succeed that out of mine, I make money, and I'm happy that I made money on my deal. But to hear you tell your story of the five hundred thousand I mean, Melissa came running to me screaming. Oh my God. This is unbelievable. Blah, blah, blah. And yeah, she's really happy. You got your daughter in there to this is something that she she's really excited about so. Yeah, we we get happy for other people, you know, more. And I think you'll find to be the same way, especially after you get out there, and you start someone, you know, you bring them in for the first time in the first free workshop, then they're yours for.

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