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Gerald cares for Brandon Saad that's his fourth of the season ox up three to one occupant. Pressuring the middle of the ice in the flames zone, forcing the defensemen to make a decision one way or another. We get an icing call against the flames. Boy, they've had several good scoring chances there. Yeah. That was just a real nice play. Through the middle of the ice area. Brandon Saad takes that little redirect pass at boy full head of steam coming through we sought Vancouver where he just was blowing by players. That is a great example of what makes Brandon Saad a real good player using that strict determination to power through guys. Sat scores is fourth at twelve forty one period. Number two, three one favor of the hawks. Here's Brody over the center, ice circle. Now the hawk line backlit right point, spins it, down to the right wing corner. Hawk zone. It's poked off of schmaltz stick to the right point tobacco. Fires that hit one of the flames that front and then a foul shot by Neil. Save me by Corey Crawford. He'll hold the puck and a whistle stops play. Neal was sweeping in from the right, circle and found a rebound but Crawford to stuck the glove out and beat him. Got this beautiful. Yeah. That's a real good reaction. Save by Corey Crawford, no technique to that. That's just athletic ability to sprawl and figure out where that next shots coming from James Neal signed a big contract as a free agent. Been to the Stanley Cup final. The last two years didn't win it with Nashville and then last year with the Vegas Golden Knights have twenty five goals forty four points last year kind of a slow start this year. Scored the first goal in Vegas. Golden Knights history. Three goals on the season. I just there was a big part of me that felt like he'd stay right in Vegas. But I can understand his age looking for looking for the money and the term if he can get it. We got a contract here. Wisconsin got it. Inside the hawk zone along the near boards. Krueger shoots a pass up the left wing fourteen. Didn't see it tumbles. Past him into the near side in the flame zone Hannifin pass up ice for leak over the hawk line down the left wing put it in behind the net. Sam Bennett tried to center. This bounces in front of the net. Krueger alertly slaps it away. But then it took it back in the left circle and fires off the glass behind the hawk net. Brandon manning, we'll poke check it ahead up the left wing fourteen at center ice, the flame blue line where he just backhands it off the right side boards and down. Good smart play. They're by fourteen knows it is lying needed. A change. Took it across the line. Chip that in and everybody got a good line change. Everybody back on the ice. Good Robak through center ice and over the hawk line down the left wing made a back pass picked off by the Hawk's dominant Kun passing up the left wing to Kunitz. You dropped it off or Gustafsen coming by. That's picked up by the flames Lynn home the valley Machi over the hawk line firing from the left point Crawford down with a butterfly save. Well, hold the puck and a whistle stops play. Five thirty seven left in the second period. Hawks lead the flames three one here.

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