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Yeah and that is like there's a lot of value and being able to do that so it's it's smart i kind of want to like put a bow on our 2018 coverage for today and we will come back in grade these drafts ones we have time to to process things a little bit and and get home and and check who got drafted wear and things like that was there anything that really surprised either of you or in this entire draft i guess we say i was shocked that denny elon got drafted and i was i was a little shocked the dolphins took a kicker that didn't have a good field goal percentage in college those are the two that i was like what that that's insane i mean but those aren't like jarring things it's just like okay yes i was a little shocked by some of the guys that just didn't get draft we talked about flowers i thought ti scales we saw so many undersize linebackers get your acted and he didn't get your after which hilly at the senior bowl that's all anyone could talk about how he can play safety around talk and didn't even get drafted yeah it's just show that like the the senior will bias can sometimes be a really real thing where people overvalue that a little bit and we did see like a run on quarterbacks with colorado came off the board luke falk finally came off the work danny etling alex mcgaw like there were a number of quarterbacks he did get drafted the vikings just start doing the all draft media udf eighteen they also signed hercules mata off as well the vikings are always in aggressive team as you.

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