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President Trump discussed on Glenn Beck


And tell me tell me what you're really concerned about tell me what the solution is to our problems we're living in a time where the president is very controversial he's up for reelection the Democrats are divided over their candidate there's a pandemic going on the film came out video came out that's resonated but nationwide and started riots is ongoing tension with North Korea there's mistrust of the government because the way it's handling things we're a sharply divided nation the student radicals verses the silent majority and the media is reporting the death toll is rising every day did I just describe today or did I describe nineteen sixty eight because that's exactly what was happening in the summer of sixty eight we take you there for a second in January of sixty eight Johnny Cash performed his concert at Folsom state prison in California the winter Olympics were about to be held in France and they were to be fully broadcasting color on ABC for the first time the reason why bring reason why I bring this up is because I want you to think about the technology that was happening in that year the good and the bad that was happening in that year nineteen sixty eight was an important year because while that was happening here in America cash in the the winter Olympics the Prague Spring began the secretary of the Czechoslovakian communist party was the winner man he became the prime minister over the Stalinist candidate and that wind brought a very short period of liberalization North Korea at the same time had captured the USS pueblo it was a U. S. navy intelligence ship captured it and its crew and held the eighty three US service personnel in P. O. W. camps for eleven months meanwhile Viet Cong forced the Viet Cong forces launched a detect offensive coordinated series of attacks against the US targets in South Vietnam it surprised us and fifteen hundred Americans died and that was the turning point of the Vietnam War meanwhile back at home civil rights protests and is said to get a South Carolina state university turned deadly after a police officer was struck with a heavy wooden banister that's when police opened fire in an estimated two hundred black students were there three male students were shot and killed twenty eight others wounded this is the Orangeburg massacre but you don't really know much about it because the tet offensive was sucking up all of the air and getting all of the news it's also the year the first nine eleven call happened first nine one one call was placed in the U. S. in nineteen sixty eight meanwhile politically LBJ was in office and he had the Kerner commission and it moves with the they did a report on the status in American they can jam to white racism is the primary cause of the recent riots in the U. S. the report declared our nation is moving towards two societies one black one white separate and unequal it was then that senator Robert F. Kennedy announced that he was going to enter the presidential race on the same day US forces killed over five hundred Vietnamese civilians in the my Lai massacre in South Vietnam it's just a few days after that that LBJ announced he's not going to run for reelection and then Martin Luther king was murdered and riots happened in over a hundred U. S. cities these rights killed forty six people fourteen thousand U. S. troops the federal troops were called in to control the violence at the same time the hot wheels car was introduced then on June fifth Robert Kennedy was murdered by sier Han sier Han he later said he killed Kennedy out of concern for the Palestinian cause it felt betrayed by the support of R. F. K. for Israel during the six day war in nineteen sixty seven by the way it just another parallel here I think you've seen the other parallels this weekend I saw something on the Ayatollah Khamenei's or or Khamenei's website the Ayatollah of Iran Palestinian Alex Stein will be free there's a picture that they put of the Palestinians celebrating their freedom at the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem but it what struck me was Palestine will be free what says underneath the final solution resistance until referendum but a lot has changed Richard Nixon won the Republican nomination at the R. and see in Miami Walter Hadley he was the police chief in Miami in nineteen sixties sixty eight he said when the looting starts the shooting starts he said that in response to the protests in the predominantly black neighborhoods of liberty city during the Republican National Convention late last week this is what president trump tweeted the same phrase referring to the looters in Minneapolis it was at that time when America was busy with their own things we forgot all about the the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia the Soviet Union came in with two hundred thousand troops and they ended the Prague Spring we've talked about the Prague Spring over and over again what happened in Czechoslovakia when the Soviets were coming in to Prague and the people were begging them to come into Hungary and to and to Prague into Czechoslovakian please get some control in here meanwhile we were begging the same thing please is there any control the DNC had their convention in Chicago and the hippies and the students for democratic society in the black Panthers poured into the streets they were met by police forces rallied by mayor Richard Daley vice president Hubert Humphrey became the Democrat's nominee with the riots and happening in the streets of the first it also with the the in nineteen sixty eight we were counting the numbers of the dead not only in Vietnam but the Hong Kong flu it was a pandemic in the U. S. you don't read much about it because Americans did what Americans usually do and that's just move on with her life at this point there were one hundred thousand dead in the pandemic in nineteen sixty eight this year there is a one hundred and two that are dead one hundred in two thousand the deaths back in nineteen sixty eight affected those who are sixty five or older I just saw a report this morning that this time the deaths eighty one or older the Miss America pageant in Atlantic city had a protest where people were they were they were gathering around the freedom trash can where women could throw away all the manifestations of women's oppression like bras and girdles curlers and false eyelashes and wigs and women's magazines this is what happened this is where the phrase bra burning came from and started in nineteen sixty eight but no bras were actually burned the country was in a crisis they didn't know who to trust CBS decided they would launch sixty minutes so there would be an authoritative voice that people could rally around in trust then in the midst of all of this doubt Apollo seven was launched and provided the first live TV broadcast from a spacecraft in orbit for the first time we saw the astronauts strapped in the seats and we saw what they were seeing I was struck this weekend by the parallels of nineteen sixty eight especially how complete they are as I was watching the launch of SpaceX and NASA's new rocket we have the launch of SpaceX here thank god we we went from can commander so and so to Bob and Doug but it was pretty much the same thing just a little more casual it was still inspiring he was the games of nineteen sixty eight the summer Olympics in Mexico City where the black athletes American black athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos bowed their heads and raised their black gloved fist in a salute to the black power movement during the star spangled banner Richard Nixon one but by the way he didn't win the south that was Alabama governor George Wallace he won thirteen point five percent of the popular vote in five southern states but he won the Republican Party was still the party of Lincoln I guess and that same election the first black woman was elected to the U. S. happen house of representatives by the way that the first black person but the first black woman the first black person that was elected was elected in sixty eight as well but I think it was eighteen sixty eight so we had a it was a summer and a time of iconic movements yellow submarine was released the white album was released William Shatner and and Michelle Nichols shared the first interracial kiss and the Star Trek episode that year Aretha Franklin released her album lady soul laughing and debuted so did Mister Rogers neighborhood imagine that Mister Rogers how opposite to society NBC had a motel produce special called T. C. B. that was Diana Ross the Supremes and the temptations Chitty Chitty bang bang was released the love bug was released all of these things that culturally were pouring good things into our society and yet nineteen sixty eight was also the year that Andy Griffith walked away from a very I see so many similarities including the good things and the hope and the promise of tomorrow but there is one thing then I think I haven't seen the parallel yet and I think in the end it's what saved us what does in the end was we did look to the moon and the stars and we saw a bright future while Woodstock was happening while Martin Luther king was killed we looked forward we look to up thanks to the men and women of NASA we had something to aspire to we have it again we have all of these promises that are just over the horizon last time we decided we're not with the rioters we're with the justice Varonis for all we're not with the rioters but the thing we're missing is something that happened on Christmas Eve nineteen sixty eight I take you back to the moon launch and the commander Jim Lovell listen one so forty the yeah it'll it'll yeah I can help something the here we're seeing for the very first time the surface of the moon it's really scratchy video and he's talking about the lunar sunrise and the sunrise for mankind that was just around the corner as we would land a few years later on the sea of tranquility and and all the people I had a bad day so in the beginning all right but the bottom okay thank god let there be light right the light they would cut that.

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