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But I think it's very effective. I usually more to the left and the right, but if you're rally, cry has to be. Be followed up with. It doesn't mean what it sounds like. Do some research then you're doing it wrong. Christine says people are lazy and they are not going to do that research. It's obvious that the trump campaign knows that, and it's totally taking advantage of it. Love the show Christine. Thank you very much appreciate the email. I think I found it the adult. Do we really want to hear that? Reached the nine one one police emergency line due to defunding of the police department. We're sorry, but no one is here to take your call it calling to report a rape, please press one to report murderer press to. Home invasion press through scariest of them. All other crimes leave your name and number, and someone will get back to. You are estimated. Wait. Time is currently five days good by all man. That's a scary one. You'd better vote. I see what she's talking about when you actually watch it because we've only heard the. Broadcast version of it, but when you actually watch it, you know they put a lot of. The riots. And stuff. Scare the hell out of you know Joe Biden doing everything he can to defend the police. The always told people about about Walter Mondale, called the daisy ad in. It's got this little girl. Just yes, going through the Field Fritz knows this one, and she's like picking daisies and she's having this beautiful bomb. An atomic bomb goes off and blows up the little girl and they're like. Don't vote for our opponent. Nego. Wow Man. Congress. Yeah. This is old one to preserve it from thirty five millimeter film. It's got like ten nine eight countdown. She is. Classic. Just a beautiful girl and a field. She missed one. Six Again Realize. And now the nuclear bomb! To blow up the little girl, my Gosh. That's incredible. Sorry. This is how they work. Man Really Dense stuff, so thank you for the email Christine are. Let's go into some of these covid nineteen numbers before we get into this mask fight audio that I really want to dive into it. Explore a little bit. Wait till you guys here this crazy, but speaking of crazy the latest numbers in just moments ago for the day yesterday we were at eight, thousand, nine, hundred thirty new cases of Corona Virus Covid nineteen today eleven, thousand, three, hundred and eighty, five, just sixteen shy of the record about a week ago. There's some good news buried in here. Believe it or not. This is the hardest thing ever that's. That's why I try to cut through the headlines to give you a better idea of what's really happening in Florida with this important thing, that's really annoying the hell out of all of us so eleven thousand three hundred eighty five cases that is on a record number of ninety, five, thousand, three, hundred and forty eight tests, which is pretty astronomical. It's almost one hundred thousand test coming in and the positive rate, which is perhaps the most important thing dropping from eighteen point three seven yesterday to twelve point seven five. That's a piece of decent news, but it's so hard to find out what you should feel about this stuff when you see it now of. Of course because we're on in West, Palm Beach on ninety two point one down there. We'll give you the data for you in just a second here in Orange County, we went from four hundred cases yesterday to five hundred and forty, five, still very stable, still way down for the high of one thousand, one hundred sixty four cases, the median age, ticking up just a bit to forty percent positive, falling quite a bit from fifteen point one percent yesterday to ten point one percent. ARE WE PLATEAUING ORLANDO? That could be fantastic news and looking now at Palm Beach County for those you down there yesterday you were at four hundred and twenty three new cases. Cases today, five hundred and sixty nine new cases with a median age of forty three at eleven point four percent positive testing rate. The most important thing seems to be keeping that median age down because the old folks there covert Bateman. They'RE GONNA die. Really is a boomer eraser, which is not good and we all know that we need to make sure we keep this stuff under control, so there you our latest numbers not great, but there's some interesting stuff in there. If you want to really dive into it, let's see what happens in the next week or so. You know the crazy thing I saw sea lanes in in Miami Dade on Thursday. Or just in Miami Dade. They're positive. Test rate was at thirty three point five pursue thirty three Fritz. That's one out of three people who were being tested for covid nineteen in Miami. Dade were testing positive. It's insane and you know what. That doesn't surprise me just because there's like what four million people in that area. A huge population and did so people who are in some cases of very close to one another the cities are where this thing can really take toll. Everybody's trying to get the positivity rate below ten percent, and right now they're at thirty point five in Miami Dade County, which is an astronomical and not fantastic. What else do we have you know the US heading towards maybe some sort of herd immunity that would be good news but that's a ways away from right now. That would mean so many. Many people got covid nineteen that it starts to become a barrier for the folks who haven't gotten covid nineteen, and though that would be good, we're not quite there yet. The information about sports that continues to roll in his sports kicks off. That's the whole mls thing I was like man. This is going to be huge the ratings weren't that crazy good. When in yesterday you told me a number and I remember going that doesn't seem I thought this is live sports. It's on ESPN AND ESPN board. And I thought there would just be so many people wanting to watch this. Even though some people don't like soccer, major league soccer comes back. Do you think the NBA will have bigger than them? Yes, I do yeah. I don't think maybe. was that not a lot of people at least nationwide in Florida? It was big. He has to to Florida teams. It was Miami's first game in Florida and. So that was probably big for our state, but maybe nationwide said not a great match up. I'll wait till the sounders comeback I. Think it's just maybe because it soccer. I think it's because nobody's been watching. ESPN period of people emailed me and said I didn't even know. There was a game on it until you said something about it. The ratings in it forward ninety two thousand viewers for both ESPN and ESPN deport days combined, which is sound so white when you say espn deport. The fourth and even in the cities like Orlando and Miami had about a one share, which is not really fantastic more yeah for a for a of something that should have been as big as this all right there we go so now we'll kick things off when we get back. I want to play you this audio of this mask counter that starting to make the rounds on social media it is. It's hard to find who you liken who you dislike and it's a piece of art. Truly it is that with your dispatches search for the news junkie in the APP store to send yours in and join us on the show today or back in a moment, the news junkie on Real Radio Smart Speaker Real radio over one hundred radio. Real Radio One zero four point one on iheartradio against someone's always gotTA. On the bright side, we're not dead. You're.

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