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Y FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. I'm Beth Myers in the NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. New center governor Kevin stint spoke earlier today at the Oklahoma City. Bombing remembrance ceremony. He said he was a college student back in nineteen ninety five and sitting in a friend's apartment. When the news broke that the murder of building had been bombed in downtown Oklahoma City, he says since that time because of a steadfast commitment to hope the city and the state have experienced restoration and renewal. Americans will find love and courage in Oklahoma. Discontinues to ring true today. May we embrace it and reflection. May we be inspired to extend life kindness and hope to others through the continued display of the Oklahoma standard that emerged from the rubble twenty four years ago today ceremony at the bombing site included, one hundred sixty eight seconds of silence for those who were killed also a reading of the names of those who died, and there's a remarkable story about a woman who was just six months old at the time of the bombing twenty four year old Madison Naylor was inside the YMCA daycare next to them or a building in downtown Oklahoma City when the bomb exploded. Luckily, she was not injured and survived. And she's now on her way to becoming a doctor. She studying at the oh you college of medicine. Oklahoma's jobless rate held steady in March at three point three percent a year ago. It was three point eight percent, the Oklahoma employment security commission. Says the state's economy gained about five hundred jobs in March that Bill to restore five day school weeks in Oklahoma that was amended to also include a twelve hundred dollar teacher. Pay. Raise is like holding schools hostage says house, minority leader, Emily virgin, the twelve hundred dollar teacher pay raise would help with the recruitment issues but taking away local control that we've given school districts, and it's not remembering the reason why schools are in this position in the first place, and that's because of ten years of neglect of.

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