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Colfax had an incredibly low yar a but that grinky had a low era and he was only there for what greg three years two or three years yeah i i don't think it's kershaw i think it's grinky or colfax i'm not positive i think kershaw's is below colfax is and i think grank in a better one too so i drank you i'm going to you guys are both correct zach rinky to thirty is his career dodger earnedrun average clayton kershaw to thirty seven and sandy koufax to seventy six who is the best career on base average as a dodger is that a steve garvey be gary sheffield see willeke lower i don't know why you would put willie keeler in there if it wasn't him so i'm going willie keeler culet gary sheffield four twenty four career on base average chestnut dodger that is insane what dodger had the most strikeouts in a single season as a pitcher is it ace sandy colfax be don drysdale see clayton kershaw well colfax and drysdale probably pitch more innings in their day right kershaw season twenty something to thirty i'll go drysdale yeah i'm gonna go drysdale also i it sandy koufax three eighty two in a single season it's that is just insane like every complete game yes he did what dodger is had the this last one what dodgers had the all time best single season fielding percentage what dodgers had the all time best single season fielding percentage is that a bill russell.

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