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With the administrative entities like health insurers or even making sure that malpractice insurance i i know is one that always gets pointed to of a driver of cost and other regulatory things that are causing problems and then we'll get to solutions on the back end we've defined the problem you know to kind of go back to the point you made you know one third of americans every year put off care that they desperately need and then something worse happens and so that's a lot of people right We use the term functionally uninsured a lot when we talk to people. Who are you curious about the medical system. What that just means is that. I may have eight thousand dollars deductible but i'll only have four hundred dollars emergency cash so if something bad happens to me healthwise. I can't even meet my deductible to use my insurance that i'm paying an arm again. You know no pun intended into that premium already so there becomes kind of this. This essential question that the thresholds were health. Insurance actually make sense if you are poor or not. Even port like actually mc middle-class. Sorry use that word but even like middle class people who elect to go without health insurance because it is unaffordable. And they're looking at this saying holy cow. I got two or three kids savings or tight. Money's tight we're in the middle of a pandemic right now. I can't afford to be paying thousand two thousand dollars a month for something. I don't use because again. I don't have eight thousand dollars to meet my deductible as something bad does happen. I'm better off just being uninsured and then being at the mercy of the benevolent nonprofit hospital a world which common oxymoron right there. So it's very very interesting. And then on the flip side if you have a high enough networth you're going to go get the best care regardless of what your insurance gives you. You're going to go to the mayo clinic the world you're gonna go to to the top line. You're not going to go down to your local community hospital so again i ask what what what world is. Health insurance actually makes sense for those type of people and it's middle group of incomes that we really see the people that either their business owners trying to take care of their employees. Or you know the kind of that. Elderly population thinks medicare is the gold standard of of healthcare policies. When in reality. It's just a minimum. The government sets sail. There's a lot of just education hurdles to get over and then you know going back to why people think that american healthcare is so expensive. It's really coming down to monopoly power within hospital systems. Most places only have a couple of.

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