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You've you've told US exists at the end of this. Yes, it's like it's the thing that's holding also together. I mean I thoroughly lonely I wanNA. I'm married with kids so I have my family here. But I, honestly I really miss, my colleagues I'd love to see them I miss going out. There's so many people i. Talk to remotely I would love to be back at work. He three days a week. Do three days a week. That's like enough I'm happy spending a lot of Montana home. If feel so cooped up, but I think that's where we're going to head I, think in the one of the few benefits of the covy pandemic is. We're just going to have a much better work life structure. Once this is over which. Late, twenty, twenty, one, twenty, twenty two. It's well it's. It's good to have late at the end of the tunnel, so thanks again. Thank you. Nicholas Bloom a professor of economics at Stanford University. That was the big story. If you want more big stories, they are in the same place. They always are on our website. The big story podcast dot ca and we are in the same place. We always I don't just mean at home. I mean on twitter at the Big Story F. P. N. and via email the big story podcast all one word at. At RCA DOT Rogers Dot Com and we never moved from our position in your podcast player. You can look us up in anyone you choose. If it lets you leave us a rating. Leave us a review. Let us know what you think and what we should cover because we're always looking for ideas. Thanks for listening I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings? We'll talk tomorrow..

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