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Guy radio for the debt. One hit wonder by definition Norman Greenbaum spirit in the sky. We are playing this. I believe because today is Norman Greenbaum seventy six birthday that's right in areas of critical commentary. Have we had a Norman Greenbaum citing at any point in the last X amount of years. No. We haven't this. Very good song. It's a great song. Yeah. I mean, it's the only one he wrote that was really worth anything. I think it was a report that he was a goat farm somewhere realist-. Yes. An royalties to buy goats like a big patch of land. And I think just raise goats and live down, you know, either in Oregon or out in California. I'm not sure which but I think that was the rumor that he was sort of living with the goat's, very smart and were go formers for awhile for months. Not a big not a big pack ago. But Petra me not for me for cheese for cheese need to be a goat farmer to. I'd say too. I think a profit to be I think if you have to go that's just pets. That's just a hobby. I would say six plus. Visiting them. Did you like visiting your cousins and for months? Yeah. We play golf there. One starting five gets to a farm. You think? So. Yeah. I would have said six plus your go yoga now. What's that people? Go to go. Goats bounce around and jump on your back and things like that. The new of land Jesse talking out. I don't have my phone out because we not having our phones out, but look Google it. Go yoga. In the room jump on your back on you woke up and downs backwards. Like, they do up a hill. C back. I do I do know that. know that. Goats walk back walk backwards up hill. You didn't know that? No, I I'm familiar. No, you spend all that time in Vermont. I didn't Goltz we're in a pen. And I just looked at that's great and my cousin Shelley named all the goats after people in the family. So there was a Tony. But I don't, you know, go cheese. Do you like, particularly do you? How many entrees of goat cheese on here? Do you know, I don't know should find that out. What do you do you like go cheese? You put it on out salad. Okay. But that's. Entree salads. Relics? Goat cheese mozzarella sticks are really good. Can I ask a question? Sure. If they're called mozzarella sticks assume that the mozzarella cheese part of the minds Nelson mix it's a mix. Very good. Where do you get the Solent at this place called chatter? Okay. In north west. We have just inside the DC line in friendship heights. I just want to read you the semi agreement where he came up with the idea for the song. And he said it was watching western movies. You ask me what I base spirit. And this was what did we grew up watching westerns these mean and nasty vomits get shot, and they wanted to die with a boot on to me that was spiritual. They wanted to die where the boots on. That's what he gets. That's why he's had no. Going get to the wizards. Now, this should be interesting. Just for a second. Oh, this video. Oh my God. They're goats walking on someone's back. Why did you not believe me crazy pay for that extra extra raising domesticated goats? They don't try to bite. You do you know the sound of goat makes it's yes. It's like a yell. Yeah. Swift thing. They do it's hilarious. There's a Taylor swift song kid say replace some of her singing with Doreen. It's pretty funny goats are horrendous. I'm just gonna read from the story in the post several Washington Wizards players engaged in heated. Verbal altercations with each other throughout a practice late last week and hurled point in and sometimes profane comments at coke Scott Brooks team president Ernie Grunfeld, according to several people who witnessed the testy practice Thursday. What's today today is Tuesday, Tuesday, and on and on court confrontation between John wall and Jeff green broke out. And so did another between Bradley Beal in Austin rivers in the aftermath of those spats wall directed next Brooks and Bieler up about Grunfeld it goes on and on and on about this..

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