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All rights. We bring hand in here. You bet. Alright. I chose No, I chose Hannah's music. And then she came to me like a soda. Can you get rid of that? And I said, What do you want? Instead she goes to play this on. Somebody actually wrote in and said I can't stand that music every time Hannah comes on the one person complaining it. It cost you, you know. Ah, job. All right, Hannah. Here we go. How are you? Sounds like you were outside somewhere. Just let's play. Guess where Hannah is. Boiler room. Let's have secret, hidden location. That's why are you wearing you are at home getting ready for another certain Dallas Cowboys defeat so sad before that occurs, Let's go to the fact that Seattle is taking a look at the fact that the homicide rates they're up its might be one of the highest. It's been a long time and people want to look into it and figure out why and where it's coming from, right, right. There's definitely a lot going on in that arena couple. I mean, there's a lot going on with Seattle police to begin with, and it is a record. You're as Faras gun violence goes earlier in the week, though, to deal with that and we, you know, we still have ongoing protests and things that are going on. Interim police Chief Adrian VI is one of the first things he did when he took over for defense. Was he switched 100 patrol. I'm sorry officers and detectives who were in specialty units. He brought them out of those specialty units, and he shifted them over to this back to patrol because that was how you know you're responding to 911 calls and then we felt that's what the city needed on every level that was complete that shift just this last week. Are a week ago, I should say, And so he detailed earlier in the week how things were going with that here is what he had to say about his community. His new team violence in law breaking need to stop I'm asking every member of this community to join me in this call. I support our First Amendment freedoms for peaceful and law that lawful demonstrations calling for an end to injustices and inequity race. That's that's from violence, or I didn't label my cuts, right. Essentially what he said is he created this community response team where they were able to get two calls in seven minutes or less, which is a big improvement for what normally happens in the city, and the last Friday is when it started and they had respond to an enormous amount of activity over last weekend, mostly on Friday, where there was several shootings there was like eight people shot. Two people who were killed in those shootings. There was 70 rounds just outside one elementary school. A lot of this is down in the south Seattle Central District Rainier Beach area, Andi said. There was a lot but they had They were very successful. They made a difference. Here's what he said about that. They spent their first part of their shift, speaking with business owners and checking on locations and just talking with people that live and work in the community. This is a model. I want all of our patrol work.

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