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A beautiful fiftieth birthday for mr rogers which premiered while fifty year so here's what the author of this gene poss carr said from the ap but fifty years ago when kids were pretty much the same i interviewed fred rodgers a few times over the years at one time i asked him about the secret to his success y his slow deliberate manner of relating to children and why seemingly a seeming took to a seeming to look at them and talk to them directly through the tv lens connected so strongly with the young viewers and this is what he sent every one of us longs to be in touch with honesty i think we're really attracted to people who will share some of their real self with us well i mean that is essentially words of wisdom for anyone but it really ring strong to me someone that's in radio i think were attracted to people who will share some of their real self with us in and that's one of the hard parts of being a personality if you're someone that just post content online you're so on that justice on social media if you're someone that is on the television of the radio what you're hoping to do as connect with that person may be on a level where your real and we talk about real topics you know when i when i'm here i don't want to say it's hard for me to connect with you the listener that way at the soldiers get real with you here it's like when i'm at home with my wife and my kid i don't talk the same way i do here why because my wife could care less at what my current tank is on something that the president did you know am i talk about mr rogers in the neighborhood but i'm i'm still me it's just that i don't spend a lot of time talking politics at the house because my wife and my kid don't care by three year old don't care he just wants to know when papa troll one i'm going to allow him to watch another episode of that or another episode of uh you know he's he's really into power puppy dog pals and sesame street to an extent but you add i'm not it's different you know it's so different when you're.

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