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Smith? The emperor podcast come for the in-depth conversations about superman stay for four people stumbling through downton abbey because it's not actually that much else is happening in the world of movie news this week. Well, can talk about Jordan pale maybe being in Tokes about handyman. I feel I don't. I can't stop you. Please very excited about. German pale Disley. One of the most exciting filmmakers kind of can stay. And what's the story is that he is in Tokes not. It's not confirmed not locked for Candyman, and I think this is really exciting something to have a filmmaker of color making this film or looking to remake this film. I'm not sure. Say sequel another sequel over a rebate. I'm not sure what. I think you know the white deals with racial stereotypes, racial politics, in American political history. And you know the last two, this film, a huge. I think to see through his Tyke especially, you know, just amazing work done by. I think really changed the landscape for black filmmakers, particularly. And I think this film through his eyes would be up silly first night, and I'd love to say that, so I'm really excited by this if it comes off. Absolutely. It's Candyman is a fascinating film view revisited Candyman recently. Although this news debate me want to and I agree entirely, I think it sounds like a release owing prospect very, even that people get very upset about remakes on everybody have a problem with it. If it's someone who's coming in, it's interesting idea absolute and he's, you know, he's producing. It isn't bummer. You kind of hype direct it because I was obviously one of the best movies last year. To keep them watching. Yeah, it's really interesting Candyman. If you go back and revisit it, it's Kasumi layers and so much texture going on as well. And I should also mention us excited me today. Cynthia reveal is going to star in a story, a film about the life of Harriet Tubman, who was an incredible figuring American history. She was born of this Lavery in the nineteenth century in the states escaped from slavery and became an abolitionist, a political activist and actually was really active in underground missions. Missions on the underground railroad to free slaves in the states as well became a spy in the American civil war. It's incredible story and Cynthia Revo will next be seen on the big screen in bad times of the royale and Steve mcqueen's widows and British actress, incredible voice wanna, Tony for the purple Broadway musical and is going places fast. I would say. So look out for that one next year. It'll be Oscar bothering. For sure. Yeah, I think she's one of our most exciting, new actresses. I mean, just having those two films out within the space of a month. I think shut did. We does first and then bad times and both of which are for nominal rolls for her. And as you say, she's gotten incredible career on the stage she was in Broadway. He is. She sings, drew God director time. Just talk about how she sings live throughout the entire film. She's, you know, I think what they call double threat and we does. She is absolutely phenomenal. And she is an incredible dramatic actress terminal into segue from an up and coming actor to to actress zoo been well dazzling on the big screen for decades. They are two absolute ruddy legends they are the stars of this week's heist thriller king of the they need almost no introduction. One of them is Ray Winston ever bang on that. The other one is Sir, Michael Caine some Morris, Mickle white, unbelievable. And they came into the poll booth. This week, and I had a chat with them about all sorts of stuff, but because it's me, we started talking about Jim Broadbent naked arse and pissing and sinks Sarb Dan anyway, a joy. We are delighted to be joined on the podcast by two ruddy legends Ray Winston, Michael Cain. How are you sir? We great, good. Good. Good. Is..

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