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Official podcast, if your favorite falcons fan site, the falcons. I am DWI as always. I'm joined by my co host the June Pedder of dogs. I of her name the dinners, Gary. In the falcons Twitter, the quick draw McGraw Facebook, Facebook messenger, the trash talker, supreme. She who will not be bossed. Gina, Matt online, Thomas, Gina, how're you doing. Undoing. Great, David, thank you for asking, how are you. I am out of breath because your name is getting too long at this point. Yeah, it's pretty long. And Anita work on cardio joining us today for the podcast, we actually have two guests, and I'm very excited about this. So I, she is the managing editor of NCWA team branch from SP nation and a contributor at streaking. Lawn also happens to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and that is Caroline darney, Caroline. How are you doing really well. Thanks for having me on, and I feel like I need to add a few things to my introduction. Study out for next time because that was something else. It's it's jarring the first time you hear trying to keep up. Now. I need to remember to follow up with her about Facebook messaging, but that's neither here nor there we can do that. Indeed. In also joining us. He has been on every podcast in the falcons universe except for the one for his own freaking site. We finally got him the comeback on in others, the one and only the falcons can self. Dave, Dave, how's Cohen on the falcons dot are you ought cast is is pretty good. That's probably a real thing, and there's some guys in the middle of Moscow. We're like, oh, chilled. So anyhow, that's offensive. Dave is big with the Ukrainians either they're big fans of Dave. So. Let's get right into it. Obviously, before we jump into this weekend's game, falcons going up to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. Let's talk a little bit about the two teams and what they are coming in from. Unfortunately, both teams are coming in with some losses. Let's start first with Pittsburgh who believe they were home against the Joe flacco. I'm sorry, the Baltimore Ravens and lost that game twenty six to fourteen. So Caroline. What happened in the game? Can you give us a quick synopsis of, you know, again, when the storied rivalries in the NFL, what was the difference in that game? Second half having the play it I think was the biggest thing. No one really told the Steelers there was the second half, so they were like tied. So the fell behind fourteen nothing like lickety-split right out the gate, and I was like, oh, this is going to be fun. I used to work in Baltimore and as a Steelers fan and someone who went to university of Virginia and someone who likes the Red Sox a military, brat, calm down. I have reasons. Chill out. So that's a good reason. Be living there with all those things. Obviously don't match with any of the local Maryland Baltimore things. So it was real nightmare for awhile. I hate the ravens and the Steelers just look like crap in the second half in literally did nothing like I just I don't even know this team. One two and one is just embarrassing. Like we've seen record is the Browns, which Duke odd. You look at it like, I'm fine to find. They lost to the fighting Patrick Mahomes in a shootout. That's what happens. I guess it's just going to be thing that is going on this season, which cool. Cool. Cool. But just the second half of that game against the ravens was just flat. They couldn't get anything going. The defense manage to make the ravens offense. Look like they're full of the best athletes in the history of the universe, getting trill. Remember they have flacco well, and there. Oh, man. I have like whole thing's about like Lamar Jackson is just a delightful human being a phenomenal player in watching them like try us him in a while. I don't even know what they're doing with him. Like when they put him out there except trying to get him hit and the Steelers tackling him in like he should be on the Steelers because they didn't draft him with the pick right before him. It just was there getting beat on every route the offense. Big, Ben look like he'd just had a huge five guys meal at the half. You have..

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