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The future's in your Hands. Recycle it Tonight. The Nuggets played their third overtime game of the season and they get the win. Denver tops Felix 1 30 to 1, 26 and Denver is now eight and seven. On the season, the Blue Arrow with a Jager shot in overtime. He finished with 18 joker with 31 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists and the Nuggets get the win. After trailing by 14 points in this game, all right, we'll get to all the scores coming up. We will check out the postgame comments of head coach Mike Malone. But first, let's go ahead and listen, the highlights from this game. The sons had a 68 to 54 lead at half, but the Nuggets outscore the sons by 10 points in the third quarter. They held the sun's just 27 points that third well, they scored 37 so heading into the fourth, it was Phoenix on top by just 4 95 91 bad guy. So to the fourth quarter we go and I'm telling you right now, this man is having himself a season. Chris Paul has it from the dotted line, throws it away again. Loose ball to Murray in the front court. Masa Monty gets down the lane Runner afternoon and off the window and down to the numbers are down by one again. Now, just an acrobatic shot. They almost had his back turned to the rim, but it's only let that go surprise You by Western Union, Western Union help people and businesses move money. All the global divers are home Western Union. Our home is here. Monte Morris in 32 minutes had 17 points and three rebounds, three assists. One. Still, he was six of 10 from the field. And then, of course. Late in the fourth Joker daughter Yoke. Its little floater in the bait, Short got his own rebound goes up Riverside, and it's up and in with the left hand just Nicola Yokich is maybe the best offensive rebounder in the MBA. Nicola Yokich with six offensive rebounds. Tonight, compared to four on the defense of him for his 10 boards. Joker was also 15 of 27 from the field is he was started. Better fact the entire Nuggets team started feel it in the second half. The two teams Miss Buck it's late in the fourth. The game is tied. And so for the third time this season, Nuggets head into overtime and in overtime, the Blue Arrow with the final nail Hurry. Get so high pitched McColl Yokich. He gets the free throw.

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