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More often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio continuing to taper off cross southern California. We will continue to see warmer numbers and possibly some Santa Ana conditions picking up by the weekend Saturday, especially we could see windy conditions by next week sixties and seventies nothing but sunshine, but until then possibly leftover shower too for the most part dry for our Friday and even drier for the weekend. Was it in California's most Akron dependable forecast? I'm CBS to meteorologists upland tap KNX. Ten seventy NewsRadio sixty degrees in Thousand Oaks in Yorba, Linda, it's fifty eight and corona fifty five degrees at one seventeen following the season's first flu related death in Orange County. Public health officials are asking residents who haven't received a flu shot yet to get vaccinated right away patient who died as a woman from Santa Anna who was under sixty five years old and had some underlying health conditions when she contracted influenza. A medical experts say certain people are at a higher risk of dying from the flu if you have Quantico heart chronic lung infections, if you have issues with your immune system. Multiple other underlying medical issues, Dr zone with OC healthcare agency says fortunately for those people there are ways to prevent the flu from becoming deadly. It can be treatable particularly for people who are at high risk with antiviral treatment buddy says the best defense is getting vaccinated. He says the flu season is far from over. So it's really worth taking the time to get a shot Cooper Rummell KNX ten seven. Newsradio LA metro looking at some form of congestion pricing to help ease traffic on busy roadways such a policy were to be implemented. Drivers would be charged to use roads that are bogged down with traffic during peak hours. Michael Manville isn't associate professor of urban planning at UCLA roads are very valuable pieces of land. We charge nothing for them to access them. And you know, when you charge a below market price for good, you get a shortage of it. He believes congestion pricing would be beneficial metro board member L A mayor Eric Garcetti. Get support any particular proposal or congestion pricing is a philosophy. But if it can work, and if it can help us achieve our goals, or even have free public transit electrify our bus fleet, faster, etc. I think it's a conversation where starting at this point. It remains to be seen just how congestion pricing woodwork in Los Angeles. Margaret, caro- KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Roy number of workers aren't hitting the freeways to go to work at all. They're telecommuting Flynn Prager with. Cal State Dominguez hills says there's been a staggering increase in the number of southern Californians with the option of working from home. And he tells KNX that number will just keep growing cultural except generations to demand more flexibility. So I think there's definitely the demands on the call with higher house prices. An increased demand for telecommuting among those younger generations. That's going to drive Prager says his study found an economic disparity in telecommuting people in wealthier communities are more likely to do it while poor people often have longer commutes aren't as likely to get the option. There's good news for shelter cats and dogs in finding forever homes. Los Angeles nearing an important milestone is a no kill community. Michelle. Southie is with best friends animal society when they launched in two thousand twelve savory Elian with just about fifty seven percent. And today that number is eighty nine point seven.

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