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A lot to cover the Markley in band camp show. Jamie Markley David van camp or an hour away from the Friday five looking forward to that. Absolutely before we get there. Well, Chris Christie. He's been making the rounds. He's got a book and man, he's trashing some Republicans. Yeah. He is. He's talked about the Billy Bush weekend before saying that, oh, this was the only time I saw Trump truly embarrassed and kind of related to that. He went off this on Sirius XM on a serious series XM show went off on former speaker of the house Paul Ryan for not helping Trump during the campaign, even as the leader of the Republican party interesting. Wow. Out there single these different things during the campaign. Billy Bush weekends called cancelled a rally, the Kelly Trump was supposed to have. I mean, it's what everybody hates about politics. It's showboating. You know, I was in there. Trying to fix the problem. Pulls out there putting their press releases. And this is what people hate about politicians. The phone calling candidate Trump the. Time. Bush time and saying, hey, I'm speaker of the house on the leader of the Republican party come really upset and disappointed with you. I want explanation. There was never any of that. It's like all of a sudden, we get an incoming over the transom of a Paul Ryan missive through to repress release. Try to say he took the gutless way out economy. Well, you know, we talked about it at the time with Paul Ryan where he comes out. And he says remember this. I just not there yet when it comes to supporting the president thing with Paul Ryan is I could have respected him if he had gone through that whole process if he had just said, I'm going to stay out of this and publicly said that instead of trying to kind of split the difference. It's like you got to pick a side at some point. If you're at that point dies, drinking Republican you're supposed to be the leader of the party. Your job is to kind of pick a side. If you really don't like this guy is the nominee president or candidate Trump the come out and say he already did. But no but late in the campaign. He was not there to say that I don't like this guy was backing. Yeah, he was he was trying to split the difference a little bit. Yeah. He was trying to play both sides like either stay out of it or get into it. I didn't think I'd have to defend Paul Ryan at all. You can say a lot of things in retrospect, if you remember that weekend, the whole Billy Bush thing most people. Yeah, they won't say it on the record now. But you, and I both know it, and there's a lot of conservatives and people in our business thought it was over that was the first text I sent to you. This is done..

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