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Michigan and the governor of Virginia and the state Republican Party New Mexico says we stand by our former comment which is basically we decry all violence they will not call him out by name either they're afraid of backlash and so the pars date they're frantically Griffin they're afraid of god or they're afraid of Donald Trump anyway it is cowardly cowardly you have a Republican who we any other Republican call for violence against elected officials and say well not our problem Marcus Turner joins us now the current district attorney and judicial district number one running for Congress in congressional district number three Mr district attorney good afternoon good afternoon Richard thank you for having me absolutely all right website for your campaign by the way election day is Tuesday it is it is Marco for Congress dot com and we are also on Facebook all right has campaigned on it's going well we're doing our final push and we that as I told you earlier I'm coming back up from the gym accounting we've been delivering coverage safety kids are our supporters and our volunteers were very gracious enough to to give us supplies and we've we've been focusing across the entire district primarily the smaller municipalities because they they lack the resources of the larger ones all right coming back from McKinley county I get needless to say you wash your hands and wash all your clothes a lot of cases out there at the predominant the case is still going on R..

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