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Doubt I watched that. was. sped. was distraught it's. We're in Bermuda on a cruise, and we like we found some bar in Bermuda to watch gained seven Celtics Wizards because you're both the it like. He's like. What? Do. I Hate Kelly Olympic to tell you. SO NEXT UP ON A. Celtics Dynasty podcast. You bought her andy because we're talking about something other than the Patriots. On the Patriots Day his. I'm just GONNA. Cut All this anyway. That, he does have that power. Give me. One Steve. I'M GONNA get to at that. I was going to. Make you talk about Anton Smith wealthy we got. Like. I'm back baby. You missed are talking about. Antoine, Smith. Not, I love. Antoine. All out in this game. I will I was GonNa talk about him with Greg Greg, and watch the Games. He has no idea what happened. Yeah sorry fresh. We're ready to go. All right. Waiting Greg to figure that technology. So Antoine signed last year the first to bill gains I guess we're his revenge game. Yeah I. think There was A. Every time he did. He said it wasn't. But I feel I still feel like there is so much hype in this game leading up to. The drew bledsoe revenge game that Anton might have been what about me? A. Little. Bit. I think you've had his because this wasn't his like this is blood cells first time back in sheriff. Been Back to buffalo twice already, but it was a different antoine in this game. I think part of it was a yeah he had. He had a game he had twenty nine carried hundred eleven yards rushing touchdown. That's classic Thuan but have you had five catches for thirty one yards and two touchdowns? Five catches all last year. So they actually. Museum. Find that there was a a know about so. In the first eight games of his career..

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