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Up. Nex. Very J Blige feature men Drake talking about Mr. role in this is a bowl of soul. Listless to. Don't seem like. Like I'm always there when Mattis missing most other time terrible pattern awards. See from working mania added this way. More people wanted people that have I don't get it. I would hate to think I tricked him. They fall victim to my system guest, showing how to pick them. Always krant. Krant. We served gret. We make it harder. Whoever's coming next goes up and down just stuff, and she's crying Nabet gangs. We on the scene with us to shoot just keep tapping. And she does. She stares me if we hold hands while she's not hold grudges Rome. No good. Boise. No fun. Arrive. Mr. Joe? Call in. Thing. Give the thin. Mass. Tolls. Mr. Wow. Missa wrong. That was written by Jim Johnson Rico love, which featured my man Drake from two thousand eleven and you know, that was off a very J Blige is album, my life part to the journey continues. Act one I'm gonna leave you with a song that I love for Mary. J Blige talking about in the meantime and his sweet in. It's fitting. You know what I'm saying? I mean this lady sings of heartache joy pleasure. Everything that we as human beings, experienced life. Someone leave you with. In the meantime, for miss Mary. J Blige, bts twenty nineteen lifetime achievement award winner..

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